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Survival Difficulty


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I like Survival Mode. I like having to make sure I eat, drink, and sleep on time. I can even respect the fact that ammo takes up space (it is a little weird that it doesn't in tie normal game, honestly).

There are, however, two major stumbling blocks that keep me from enjoying it.

The first is that, with the ultra-modded state my game is usually in, I have to save and quick-save like mad in case it crashes, and Survival doesn't let you do that. I have found a mod to work around that.

However, I can't seem to find a mod for the other problem: the insane difficulty spike.

I am not a very good Fallout player, and I like a gradual easing in period early on. However, Survival Mode instantly sets the game to the hardest difficulty, and I don't want that.


So, why am I putting this here? This is Troubleshooting, not Mod Requests! Well, you see, the thing is, I did see a mod that lets you change difficulty while keeping the other survival options active. But now, I can't find it anymore. That's my "Trouble" I'm "shooting" your way.


If anyone knows what mod I'm talking about, please tell me. I really want to get back to surviving.

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