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Any advice on FCR and modding some values / getting the grass bug fixed?

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Hey community,


I'm a little lost here.


I installed the Full Combat Rebalance alongside with some othe mods (made sure no conflicts were reported) and now I'm stuck on a few problems:


1. In 15 hours of gameplay the finisher animations did only appear twice (even with the FCR finisher fix / mod)


2. The grass textures (near pop in grass) are bright and distorted even with the Grass Fix mods installed (Grass color fix for Vergen-303-1-0, GrassFix-274-0-8B)


This is what it looks like:







I tried to place them in the CookedPC folder and even replaced and packed them in pack0.dzip.



I tried to unpack pack0.dzip, added the grass_hanselt_01.xbm and grass_hanselt_01b.xbm. Repacked and the issue remains.



Even tried some suggestions from a user on the CDPR forums.




The aliased looking grass can be reverted back by removing the grassmat.w2mg (pack0\environment_levels\shaders) from each of the pack0.dzip installed by FCR. I used Gibbed's RED Tools for unpacking and packing back.


Source: https://forums.cdprojektred.com/index.php?threads/full-combat-rebalance-2.467/page-44


But if I do that the game wouldn't load the level not even a new game start. It just closes itself after a brief load screen.


Any advice what I could try next? :confused:

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