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[Steam] [ALOT] [MEUITM] Migrating whole ME2 install + mods to new SSD


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I recently got a new internal SSD to expand my laptop's storage and have a dedicated game drive.


I've got ME2 Steam Deluxe Ed, almost all DLC, a bunch of small mods installed wia ME3Tweaks and ALOT + MEUITM2.


Is there a way for me to migrate my entire game installation including the mods to the new SSD, or am I in for a troubleshooting headache and should I reinstall everything from scratch ?


I know that with Steam and Vortex, migrating something like Skyrim will probably be effortless, but ME2 is not supported by Vortex and most installs I have are manual or through dedicated installers, not to mention DLC.


Any advice ?


Thanks in advance,



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