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Dark Souls Roguelike mod idea


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My idea would be to create a mod where the game would play more like a rogue like, or rogue lite. Instead of items dropping from enemies or finding gear around the map, you would instead pick a class. Each class gains access to various gear that would make sense for that class eg: Fighters getting heavy armor or casters using catalysts. Better gear or spells would have a much lower drop chance than some less useful gear. Now, how do you get new gear? You defeat the bosses of course :) Once you kill any boss you get to choose 1 of 3 potential upgrades. The upgrades would relate to what class you choose in the beginning of the game. So for instance if you choose a fighter in the beginning the three items that you might have dropped would be

1.) + 2 upgrade to your weapon and +1 str +1 dex

2.) +5 Vitality

3.) +1 Head armor and +3 endurance.


This is just an example of upgrades you might expect to see. You can also see new gear in general. If it requires you to have a stat proficiency to equip it and you don't have the stat already you automatically jump to the minimum required stats for the gear, therefore being more valuable and giving you a lot more value! Higher level gear would have better chances to drop off later on in the game. Finding gear like this would be extremely rare early, but would make you godlike which is fun sometimes.


So souls would be used in a different way too. Instead of using souls to level up, instead you would need them to OPEN up new areas of the map. So the grey fog walls you see will need to be paid for in souls. This makes it so that you would have to still kill regular enemies and test out the options you've chosen for yourself.


I have 4 classes in mind that you can pick so I'll briefly go over what I was thinking for each one.



-Uses various weapons and relies mostly on melee damage. crossbow for uniqueness

-Able to use large and heavy shields in addition to the other shields available

-Has higher Vitality, Endurance as well as weapon and armor upgrades . Faster attack speed, chance to crit with melee attacks, chance for a double swing, higher sturdiness, chance for movement speed increases, chance for higher valued weapons dropping, etc...



-Has a starter spell that they can upgrade by attaining from bosses, or the potential to upgrade the spell you currently are using by giving more charges upping the dps

-Uses lighter armor and finds more upgrades for catalysts and light armor.

-Can cast miracles, sorceries or pyromancies depending on which spell you choose to start with

-Intellect, Attunement, more casts, faster casting, double cast chance, free cast where you have a chance to not use a spell cast, rare spells that are dps focused but also some defensive magics too, Small chance for movement speed increases,



-Relies on bows, daggers/ short swords, or throwing items to annoy with speed

-Mid level armor and small parrying shields.

-Gets more Endurance, Dexterity and luck based upgrades, (luck would be useful for farming items), chance to get two damaging items when you loot the,. chance to get free cast on items, higher chances of speed upgrades, chances to crit on melee, item usages or bow attacks, higher chances for attack speed increases.



-Gains equipment, items and spells which apply status effects on enemies

-Can gain the ability apply multiple status effects on an enemy

-Can use heavy armor making them more difficult to dispatch

-Has Higher Vitality as well as attunement, can gain addons to spells and weapons eg Fireball can apply poison and bleed when you hit instead of just the damage. same concept for weapons or items.


The Elite

-The true random class, can get anything but is not guaranteed to get upgrades or any buffs for what they are looking for. more of a gamble class.



I have more ideas in my head so if you'd like to addon or add more to this I'd love to hear.


You can also discuss this with me live on twitch @twitch.tv/hunnywrabbit where I stream everyday from 10-3pm est.


Thanks for reading and I hope to hear back!





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