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Modding Armor in Kingdomm Come


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Hello everyone, I am gaining an interested in learning how to mod games and I am finally at the point I want to give it a try! When I thought about what one thing would I like to change about any game, Kingdom Come Deliverance came to mind.

Specifically I was always upset with the game for not including some helmet that looks similar to Sir Radzigs that was useable by the player. For me it was hands down the coolest in the game, and nothing else was good enough once I saw it in my first playthrough. As I looked around today, I didn't find any mods that attempted to tackle this. Do any of you have advice on how to get started on modding armor for KCD. I wouldn't mind either creating a brand new item from scratch or taking the skin that exists for Radzig and working with it. Any advice is appreciated

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