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Great Dragon Hunt mod


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Hello, I don't like the fact that dragons get killed in tens per day, so I installed several mods to make them much more robust.

I also put other mod for the immersion:

- Dragons all have names

- Dragons have much more health and their breath is increased

- Dragons speak during fights

- The more you advance in the story, the more Alduin truly resuscitates the dragons from their tombs

- Random dragons are very, very rare (see non-existent)

- Dragon souls make you stronger by increasing your stats

But what is missing a lot is a mod so that the dragons are saved, it does not despawn and their life is saved:

The battles against the dragons would be more intense and it would take several days to overcome them. Confronting a dragon will privilege the combat in several stages, either by the flight of the player, or the flight of the Dragon. We should now be well prepared when we see a dragon flying in the distance, return to town to buy potions (I personally use a mod that deactivates the regen), improve his weapons and armor etc ...

At the end of a certain time of combat the dragon takes refuge towards other places, it is then necessary to track them and to hunt them, but its life will remain damaged until you have not killed it (even several days after) and about 25 % of life remaining, he takes refuge in a tomb or a wall of shout where the final confrontation comes.

It could create unique fights and we will remember every fight against a dragon instead of forgetting them all.

Is this kind of mod possible?

PS : For those who have experienced the ancient dragon stalks in Monster Hunter Freedom you can only approve

(Sorry for my english i'm French)

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