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Have you ever played an entire game series all at once?


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In a single sitting:


- Kane & Lynch 1/2 (they're short games)

- Left 4 Dead 1/2 (have done a full rotation through all maps in MP; I don't recommend it)


In back-to-back but with breaks and such:

- Mass Effect

- Hitman

- Grand Theft Auto

- Command & Conquer

- Portal

- Half-Life

- Halo

- Chronicles of Riddick

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I´ve never done that. The closest I can come is having played Bioshock and Bioshock 2 through but I´ve never played Inifinite and I don´t plan to.

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Resident evil, even re5 and 6 both are great co-op games.


And currently playing some metal gear solid again, atm mgs 4.

So ya, MGS too, but minus mgs v pp.. wasn't rly happy with the latest one.


Also sren, silent hill and tomb raider series.

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