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Semi-NOOB Question Re: Modding & Packing & Uploading


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Here follows a look at our folder structure for packing our custom NPC-Follower Mod called, let's say Beldia.esp. (We have no scripts or audio files.)
Does it look right?
First, we have one folder called Beldia.esp.
Inside it is one Data folder.
Inside that Data folder are three items:
1) A meshes folder
2) A textures folder
3) Beldia.esp
1) Inside the meshes folders are folders: actors>character>a Beldia folder with our NIF's and a FaceGenData folder.
Inside that FaceGenData folder is the FaceGeom folder with our Beldia.esp and NPC NIF by ID.
2) Similarly, inside the textures folders are folders: actors>character>an Beldia folder with all our textures and a FaceGenData folder.
Inside the FaceGenData folder is a FaceTint folder with our Beldia.esp and custom face tint DDS and TGA files.
3) Finally, our Beldia.esp is the one found in our Skyrim LE Data Folder.
We are ready to Zip this up for uploading to the Nexus.
May we invite observations or comments? We are presuming that Vortex or other Mod managers will "know" to put this Data folder
into users' Skyrim Folders.
Thanks for looking over our shoulders here.

We've visited the CK tutorials, and the TES tutorials, but we can seem to find nothing dedicated to best Mod-Packaging.

We packed all files manually, but we lack confidence about our folder structure. (We are confused because some tutorials show packing by extracting with CK, which causes face-tint errors, while others recommend using the SR Archive.exe tool. We are also a bit confused because we needed three Beldia.esp folders)
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