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[LE] NOOB: Mod-Packing and Uploading?

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To report our progress, we used what we felt was simplest, the Beldia 1.0 option 2 with no Data folder as suggested by @greyday01.


We had already watched DarkFox's tut a number of times before watching it again. We are eternally grateful for his service, but he himself admitted in the tut that the CK has flawed archiving, and recommended the Archive.exe, as the better method.


Since that ARchive.exe method also involved the (what was for us, so far, the complexity of packing BSA's), we decided that our mod was so simple, it might not need more than .esp + texture folders + mesh folders +Facegen loose files. We MUST be really dull about packing BSA's.


We'll see how the community responds. We can learn from bug-reports.


Please feel free to comment or critique!

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I looked into this a bit. It's been awhile since I packed up a mod and was kind of shocked to find out the whole kit is now broken. Did a few tests with the archive.exe and it all works the same way. It must be how the executable is called from the new kit that is wrong. Skyrim has to be the all time king of selling a broken game. Now that includes the kit.

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