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Mod that lets us choose which perks give specific leader names to Aliens


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In LW, if you give a certain perk to an enemy, its name changes to something else. For instance, a Heavy Floater with HEAT Ammo gets the name "Heavy Floater Destroyer", while Thin Men with Lightning Reflexes get the name "Sidewinder", Mechtoids with RTS get the name "Leviathan Mechtoid", and so forth.

Now, when you're like me, and you want to make the Aliens nastier, this can create a problem. A big example is with Mechtoids; if a Mechtoid has the HEAT Ammo perk, it gets the "Colossus" name, which is supposed to be reserved for monster-level aliens (i.e. Mongo Berserker, Outsider Overlord, Dreadnought Cyberdisc, etc).

Unfortunately, changing which perk will apply a particular name is something that requires hex editing, something I know nothing about. If I could change it, it'd help quite a bit in allowing me to give the aliens additional perks as their Alien Research increases. For instance, I'd be able to give all Mechtoids HEAT Ammo in late-game so they could threaten my mechanized units, without causing all of them to be renamed. Instead, I could tie the "Colossus" name to another perk, something like Run and Gun (which the computer can't use).

Would it be possible to make a mod that allows for this? Maybe something for PatcherGUI?

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Hex codes easier than you think. Please see the wiki articles "Hex editing UPK files" and "Hex values XCOM Modding" for related links.


The big issue gets to be when you want to use something (code or text string) which requires more bytes than is currently allocated in the compiled code. That gets complicated. See "Hex editing UPK files".


However, don't get hung up on the "names/labels". Those are for "humans". That is not how the engine refers to "things"; it uses record numbers instead. You need to read up on how the Unreal "UDK" works.


PatcherGUI is a tool for applying hex code changes using a specific format. But first you have to identify/develop the code changes (both before and after your change). Suggest you take a look at the XCOM2 forum, where any remaining mod creators hang out. This one goes weeks at a time between lost souls like yourself asking questions.



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