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Does anyone know of a mod that changes the models of the droids/separatists and makes them deathwatch like CubicTitan's "DeathWatch SuperCommando's V2 (ALPHA)"? I get into a game of Supremacy really excited to see all the clone mods I'm using, and find out I'm on the droid team. I saw this CubicTitan's mod that makes the Commando Droid look like Death Watch and thought that would be an even cooler to make the assault, heavy, officer, and specialist class types have models from DeathWatch too. As for reinforcements (besides droidikas ofc), I thought it would be dope for the BattleDroids to be replaced with Death Watch and just have them shooting their lasers and missiles out of their wrists still since mandalorians do that anyways! Just want to make playing as the droids a bit more interesting, that's it. Let me know your thoughts!


(first time posting here, hope I'm not doing anything wrong:)

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