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A PatcherGUI mod that lets us change Alien accuracy versus civilians


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In Long War, all shots made by the Aliens against civilians are 100% accurate, regardless of distance, cover, etc. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed in the INI files; I've tried giving the civilians 99 Defense, but it made no difference in the accuracy of the Aliens.


Just for some more perspective, in my last sandbox LW game, I was using an inverted Quick and Dirty Second Wave option so that enemies would generally be twice as numerous. With so many enemies in play during Terror missions, trying to save more than a couple of civilians was unrealistic because of their 100% accuracy. I tried offsetting this by increasing the health of civilians to 8-10 and reducing the panic impact per civilian death, but this still resulted in a lot of dead bystanders.


It would be nice if there was a PatcherGUI mod (or maybe one for Mod Manager) that let us tweak the Aliens' accuracy against civilians. I'm aware that lowering the Aliens' accuracy against civilians may make them more inclined to attack XCom's troops, but that would sort of be a blessing in disguise.

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