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[Mod Idea] Warhammer 40k Chapter Master


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I don't know who all is familiar with this "mod," but it was basically an attempt to create a stand-alone Warhammer 40K Space Marine Chapter simulator in the Master of Orion 2 Engine.


It eventually got axed due to a combination of the devs lacking the necessary skill, and GW being litigious dickheads.


It occurs to me... However, that this exact same premise would lend its self pretty damn well to Bannerlord's game style as well. Seriously, A LOT of the mechanics a game like this would require - i.e. party management, recruitment, "heroes" and "captains" with customizable equipment load outs, treasures recovered after battle, the ability to delegate certain tasks to certain autonomous party members, etca, etca - are pretty much all in Bannerlord already. Assuming we eventually get boats in Bannerlord, like we had in the later iterations of the original Mount and Blade, you could even have something vaguely analogous to space travel.


It seems like most of the "heavy lifting" here would be cosmetic, with a side of balancing. You'd simply have to build the necessary asset models (which half the damn internet modding community has done for more games than you can easily count already), and retool ranged weaponry and AI behavior to the point where the models could behave as demanded by lore without looking ridiculous. Add in a custom campaign map, and some custom city/battle maps, and you'd be good to go.


You could very easily have a 40k themed game mod where you lead small, persistent, squads of uber powerful infantry (maybe even paired with some vehicles, if anyone ever finds a way to make that work) going from place to place, exploding the living bejeebus out of hordes of filthy xenos and human heretics with rapid fire grenade launchers.


Thoughts? Any takers? Unfortunately, my actual coding and graphics skills are virtually non-existent, so I can only really dream and make suggestions. lol

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