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Guardian Entities close to ancient treasures unless the treasures are already taken


Asgardia: home of the 'ancient' Norsia Gods.

Mount Olympussukko: home of the 'ancient' Greeken Gods.

Paradise Tower Markets of the PTMSyndicates.

SteyelCitadel of the SteyelOrderhood that used to be the CentroPentagon of false public relations front, secret activities and even darker, more hidden, secrets and mysteries.

Vaults full, partly full, or empty; can have dangerous to extremely dangerous contents


Centropolis: megacity at roughly center of Centralia.

Postdoomsday; after Doomsday

Predoomsday; before Doomsday

Postwarday; after Warday

Prewarday: before Warday


ASZAC: Azlandic South Zealandic Assault Corps.

BabitQuins of Bab, Beb, Bib, Bob and Bub. Bab, and Bob, the permateens, Beb the permainfant and the permababies Bib and Bub.

Battadom of nervous battaby entities in their battatech bodies such as battacones, battaspheres, battatanks etc but not battered fish.

Monowheelbots as in annoying, semiuseful, robots from the world of but not all of them!

-Orderwheels, Wildwheels and others yet to be presented and defined.

-The amazing Magnificent1234567

PTMSyndicates such as the HighSyndicate, SlaveSyndicate, TheftSyndicate, MercSyndicate, SexSyndicate, DeathSyndicate and more.

Domains of the Family Majestic: Kingdom of Edgar, Commonwealth of Ellie, Republic of Damian, Collective of Charlene.

Ghouls of ghoulants, ghoulnoids, ghoulmans, ghoulmals and ghoulers.

Greyliens: the grey aliens of five tiers and multiple castes; the higher the tier, the less natural, more alien, and more lethal they are. (The fifth tier are not really greyliens at all except officially.)

HMCs: Heroic Mutant Champions.

Mercenaries: Ironsides, MercSyndicate, others.

Randtech Rangers being androids.

SteyelOrderhood of SteyelOrders and special units such as StryperStrykers of the StryperStryke. Punishment unit of the SteyelMisfits.

TechnoCorp survivors as the TechnoConsort(ium) dwelling in their Technobunkerplex of Technobunkers.

Timespacelords from the Temporalisia Universe.

Timespaceguardians, Timespacesaders and Timespacemasters.

I wish I had a TSASTT (Timespace Alternating Spacetime Transport) to call my own! Linked to TSAST (Timespace Alternating Spacetime).

HMCs: Heroic Mutant Champions.

TNMA: Terribly Nasty Mutant Abominations.

XenoXtremes; extremely unfriendly hivemind creatures of tiers and castes.

XARFIEA: Xenodata Archives Research Investigation Enforcement Agency

Zatariz: With them Zatarhybrids such as zatarboms, zatarnoids, zatarmans and robots such as zetarbots and zetardrones. Sneaky, nasty, raiders and abductors.

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[1.1] StryperStrike; Contact With battabs [1.1][1]

Saraa hurled an EMP grenade over rubble and heard it explode, exotically, seconds later. Then she crouched further down as battab pulsebeams shot just over the rubble. In her power-armour she darted along the shallow gully behind the rubble wall even as a pulsewave grenade came over the obstacle.

The EMP grenade had knocked out a battab in its battacone of a hovercone. She hit the ground even as the pulsewave was unleashed but, thankfully, her power-armour was saved from any grief.

Damned battabs, as if there were not enough dangerous factions in WashingtonDC, they had to show up after centuries of being absent. Trouble was if they made their appearance, there was a good chance chance at least one, of their traditional enemies, would arrive far too soon. Thwakkers, SuperThwakkers, Kalekids, Cyberborgzi, Greyliens, Clownclonies, Zatariz or others.

StryperStrike were soon making a retreat, the battabs choosing not to follow. They had learned, the hard way, that hovering too high made them into easy targets and they did not know the area well enough so as to always stay safely low.

Vallim spoke through 2way, to Saraa. "I wonder what drew those aliens here. It would have to be important for them to risk this horror planet."

Saraa responded as they came to guarded hoversleds, fully enclosed in light armour and with weapons. Three were troopsleds, one carrysled with extra equipment-supplies and two were gunsleds with extra firepower. "Supertech from the ASMM (Age of Scientific Madness and Miracles), secrets from the AncientOnes from before we humans, along with others, came here in our arkships from the LostEarth, or even mislaid battab stuff left behind by past battab invasion attempts."

Vallim nodded his power-helmet. "I though it might be AtomicaSoda high prize caps!"

Saraa sighed. "Of course, sweetie, that must be it along with return book vouchers, vending-machine vouchers, emergency issue dollars, Dizzyfun bobbleheads, radioactive pizzas and rusty atomic motorcars."

It was of high concern to have battabs show up and would be necessary to get word to the SteyelCitadel at once. Ultrahigh 2way, highly coded, communications took only a few seconds with the homebase. Radio pulses were exchanged. Despite this the small convoy kept moving, fast, so as to leave behind the coordinates of the radio communications. If nobody else could, there was also the ONS (Orbital Network System) high up in mid orbit. It was hard to know what the 'Orbitnut' would do.

They threaded past Little China City and then entered a not so deep street tunnel.

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[1.1] StryperStrike; Contact With Hulkmutants [2.1][2]

Hulkmutants had been better armoured, and armed lately but no less stupid. Except now there were smaller, but smarter, versions of them that were good at pushing around the bigger ones; but were the newcomers really hulkmutants?

Saraa took another photograph even as StryperStrike moved stealthily along Romantic Book Avenue once famous for all of its special bookshops selling sickly sweet novels, second hand encyclopedias, erotic thrillers and edible cookbooks. In Centropolis there had been a commercial niche to buy almost anything but Saraa wondered, at times, at the sanity of Predoomsday business in that metropolis; she was far from the only one to do so.

The bigger the hulkmutants were, the stronger and dumber they tended to be but also the fewer in number. There were only two of the massive behemoths, half a dozen less massive megamoths, a large number of standard hulkamoths and quite a few of the smaller, very muscular human sized, metamoths. The smaller they were, the more sophisticated their armour and arms were.

The metamoths had rayguns that looked suspiciously like those of battabs, that is sticking out from their battatech battacones. Their armour had some features in common with that of those hovercones. They had tattoos of battabdom Imperial Symbols. All of this made for strong hints that the metamoths were linked to the battabs.

Saraa spoke. "I think that those metamoths have a strong link to the battabs."

Vallim sighed. "Otherwise there would be a whole lot of coincidences going on."

When StryperStrikers realised that metamoths were taking photographs, of them, they went racing to their hoversleds and departed in a hurry.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Contact With Cybermen [3.1][3]


New recruit, Reddic, was aiming the heavy machinegun at the enemy, pulling the trigger, with an attitude of triumph for he seemed to be having no trouble with using it. It was both his first time in intensive battle and in using such a big, powerful, weapon. Surrounded by sound, equipped with power-armour microphones, he failed to notice something odd about the HMG's noise. With the power-armour on, he also assumed it was dealing with any recoil from the machinegun.


Dull, silvery, metallic Cybermen were being shot down easy enough as they always stood rigid. Except often they were soon climbing up again. Their battle tactics seemed, on the surface of it, to be stupid but they were doing a decoy movement so smaller, nimbler, cybernoids could attack the LyonsPriders from behind.


Sarah Lyons was watching Reddic steadily, while crouched beside a rusting electric sedan that had no chance of disintegrating with an atomic blast. She sighed through the 2way radio links. "It's time to inform Reddic that he failed to take the safety off."


Vargas grinned, inside his helmet, but Sarah picked it up in his voice. "You are heartless, Sentinel! The cybernoids should be coming at us at any time as they have done in the past."


Except that did not happen and the cybermen were soon marching away, taking their fallen with them.


Odd things, like that, had been happening a great deal lately. Just what was going on?

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[1.2] Away From Centropolis; the ANZAC Arrive [4.1][4]


ANZAC, the Azlandic North Zealandic Assault Corps, came from a large archipelago off shore from the megacontinent proper but still in its coastal waters. Massive battlecarriers, battleships, battlecruisers and smaller, but still large, vessels entered the Western Centralian Gulf that was a great geographical feature in its own right. Jumpjets, sprintjets, jetcopters and hubcopters flew in overhead, some of them dropping paratroopers in parapods. Amphibious landers came crawling onto the shoreline.


Soon locals were being allocated space, in underground modular shelters, often signing up for fair work and gaining first goods both free and prepaid for. Enhanced, power armoured, humans and animans made up the bulk of the intervention force to create an enclave for the ANZUR (ANZ United Republic). It would carry out diplomatic, trade, aid and other activities along with being a military zone. Citizens would be recruited from some locals while a few others would be pushed out or executed.


Inside a soft, comforting, glove was a steel fist!


There were some mecha, robots and androids added to the mix including three heavily adapted LibertyPrimes meant to be used as working machines and only in emergencies as defensive ones.


Cans of BonzaBeer were soon being issued to soldiers, and civilians, then a few locals. This was also true with cans of Tinnybeef, Gassabeans and Kangasoup. Thinly spread, black, tar like Bittermite was not much loved by locals except ghoulmans who could not get enough of it.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Contact With Cybermen [5.1][5]


PrimeElder Owen Lyons frowned softly at the reports coming into the SteelCitadel and not just from that massive supercity. In his semicomfortable hoodrobe, better to wear than the SteelBrotherhood type and more practically useful, he studied a 3Dmap on a wall. It could be shifted, zoomed, and otherwise altered in what it showed. Yet it, as hihitech, was primitive compared with the supertech that had been available during the ASMM (Scientific Age of Miracles and Madness).


There were the incidents as reported by LyonsPride and other SteelOrderhood units.


The SteelBrotherhood, still back in Calibraska, had been harassed by NCR (New California Republic) military units but also by the animaman driven insanity of Caesar's Empire. The SteelBrotherhood had dropped back into a defensive-aggressive posture in the LostValleys and the LostHills around them.


There were increased reports of UFOs (unidentified flying objects), IFOs (identified flying objects) and SFOs (semiidentified flying objects). Those known were greyliens, zetans, daleks, cybermen, space humans, Timelords, LGM (little green men) and... most being neutral while some were either friendly or hostile.


The sudden arrival, of the ANZACs, was not of immediate concern but an eye would have to be kept on them through still active satellites being not absorbed by Skynet. As for Skynet, the low-mid orbit network of orbitals seemed to be too busy, with space based problems, to be interested in the world below.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Claptraps Ahoy Annoy [6.1][6]


LyonsPride sat quietly, amazed-amused, as some claptraps sneakily entered into the chamber and failed to spot the power armoured Pridetroopers; the latter were cleverly hiding out in the open.


Bosstrap failed to keep command of himself, let alone the others. Giggletrap giggled crazily, as was his personality trait. Machotrap threatening, imagined enemies, with huge guns that he did not happen to have, being a good thing for the sake of everybody including himself. Sleepitrap was 'sleeping' against a bemused Vargas. Greeditrap was looking for loot while somehow failing to detect any of LyonPride's gear, thankfully for her. Afraiditrap was cowering in fear, behind Sarah herself which somehow made sense given her extraordinary nature. Kidditrap was well focused with playing with some small bits of rubble, doing so very close to Sarah with his back towards her out of trust.


Three guntraps, three tooltraps and three specitraps were waiting patiently to one side, being silently grateful that they had not been given the 'wonderful' personality improvement programming. So was Lordtrap who knew that LyonsPride was there, as were the nine that dutifully, efficiently, served him.


Time passed and, a few minutes later, all of the Magnificent1234567, were 'sleeping and recharging'.


Lordtrap sighed, electronically. "Kindly take them off my hands! Perhaps you can reprogram them for I have failed to do so despite making three attempts to do so."


Sentinel Sarah Lyons smiled with amusement-bemusement. "We will send them, semiactive only, to the SteelCitadel. Would you like to either join the SteelOrderhood, as your own SteelOrder, or be allies?"


Lordtrap nodded yes by using his whole body to do so. "That is positive to being our own SteelOrder. There are more, of our kind, fairly close."


So plans were made and then changed as the truth was discovered with what Lordtrap had said.

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[1.1] StryperStrike; Monowheelbot Surprise [7.1][7]

Over 100 monowheelbots huddled in that big, half ruined, underground carpark. A large minority were disciplined followers of the Overwheel, being Followerwheels. The others were aggressive agrowheels, disturbed craziwheels, flirty sexiwheels and a few other minorities but most of the, general class, of Wildwheels, were just basically slow witted and prone to not working hard or very skillfully.

Saraa sighed and looked to Lordwheel. "Not quite the impression I got when you reported on this situation."

Lordwheel sounded annoyed. "I told you the truth but some mysterious entity has been mysteriously helping us in a mysterious fashion. She calls herself MysMysteria. I suspect she sent us these other monowheelbots that have are of the kind that we Orderwheels find hard to work with."

The Sentinel sighed. "Her name seems to be most appropriate to her nature!"

Lordwheel nodded with his whole body. "MysMysteria has sent us equipment-supplies, mostly supplies, using lots of robots like carrytrons, forkliftbots, and mulebots. Trick has been to keep the Wildwheels from getting to it except when we are in careful, forceful, charge especially with some of them. She has spoken of the mad roboticists the male Mechanicista and the female Mechanicisco. MysMysteria says that their is something very odd about them, as robots. She used to serve them until she got sick of their bickering. Since she tends not to speak about herself, or even to show herself to us, it was odd that she spoke of such matters. Maybe she is a robot but I doubt that she would be a monowheelbot."

Saraa smilefrowned. "Show me the equipment-supplies and anything else that might be useful in helping us all get to the SteyelCitadel with efficiency and in safety."

Lordwheel was observing a Wildwheel spinning around on its wheel making 'whoop whoop' sounds. "MysMysteria said you would want us to go to a special place with you. She even sent us gear to assist you though with your help. Perhaps something, useful, can be done with the monowheelbots after all."

Saraa sighed. "We can only do our best!"

The Magnificent1234567 were close, behind, Saraa and Vallin. They began to proclaim that, they, who were very 'not crazy and normal' could help deal with those Wildwheels for sure, for sure, for sure.

Vallin grinned, Saraa sighed and Lordwheel beeped in a fashion suggesting coded laughter.

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