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[1.1] LyonsPride; Claptrap Difficulties [8.1][8]


In one day of struggling effort, the sprawling convoy travelled a whole 1.5 kilometres. After that a way was found to send the Wildtraps into a semiconscious state of controlled action. The result was that the next day they got halfway to the SteelCitadel and the day after that they reached the heavily altered-augmented fortress.


It was raining, clean cool water, as they settled in with the Wildtraps being returned to normal activity. So far it had gone from light, to moderate, but was getting steadily heavier.


The Wildtraps were surprisingly passive, at least in their own terms being 'semiwild'.


The Magnificent1234567 were sticking close to Sarah, much to her mixed feeling in the matter, but she did not push them away; this was partly due to the fact that she had a subduing influence on them. Duskin grinsmiled as Sleepitrap lay against her, perhaps thinking about how her heavy sniperifle could blow holes in that claptrap. Yet she made no efforts to push the robot away though her twin sister, Dawnin, kept giving her annoying looks. Both used identical type sniperifles with devastating effect.


Lordtrap hunkered down close to Sarah as she 2wayed with her father, PrimeElder Owen Lyons. The ElderCouncil had already agreed, in principle, to taking on the Ordertraps as a new SteelOrder. As for the Wildtraps, much thinking had to be done as best to handle them. Already rejected, as ideas, were scrapping them for recycling, using them as moving targets for shooting practice and sending them out to trigger off landmines.


Sarah shook her head in wonder even as her scientific genius, of a sister, walked in and stopped to watch the semiwild Wildtraps in action. Sella shook her head in wonder and then tapped out some notes on her PTC (palmtop computer). She had the kind of intense look, on her face, showing that she was interested enough to focus at least a short project on the single wheeled robots; she would work with the claptraps with out causing any of them harm.

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[0.0] The Prologue: The Fanfic Writer Procrastinates [9.1][9]


I wondered what I would put into the glorious, wildly mixed, massive crossover, of a fanfic. I lay in my great, big, fluffy bed that a large number of cats were also comfortable on. Kindly enough they had given me the grand privilege of allowing me to share my bed with them.


In an odd mood, I wondered if I would get around to procrastinating but decided that it could wait.


I went back to sleep, which settled the issue for me.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Claptrap Discoveries [10.1][10]


Sarah Lyons almost smiled as she sat in her cramped office at her computerdesk. A holographic projected image hung in the air of the Lordtrap. "Our concealed Xscanners did the trick! The supposed robotic Ordertraps are not even robots but a kind of wheeled mecha. Inside each is a small, cyborg, entity. The Wildtraps, on the other hand, are robots and are claptraps."


Vargas shook his head. They were in fatigues, there being no reason to wear power armour in the SteelCitadel except in emergency conditions. "Are they dangerous to the SteelOrderhood?"


Sarah looked thoughtful as she responded. "No, something tells me that they are not; we need to get the truth out of them. How are the Magnificent1234567 doing?"


Vargas sighed. "We have them hidden away after they caused minor havoc in the courtyard."


She shook her head. "Yes, I heard, but those who were shot at been repaired?"


He laughed. "They were not targeted directly being more upset than actually hurt." Then he shook his head. "They gave me hints of interesting bits, of data, they hold but you may need to deal with them on that matter along with Sella."


Sarah frowned. "What of Sage Rothchild? Is he still trying to have a claptrap given over to him to pull apart to see if doing so can help him with his obsession with the LibertyPrime super robot?"


Vargas shook his head. "Your father (PrimeElder Owen Lyons) stopped him from doing doing so; the sage was reminded that the claptraps can be studied with out doing them any damage, as tempting as that might be to some people."


News came through of Steelscouts skirmishing with daleks and adapted supermutants. The fighting had been brief with both sides not wanting to waste precious resources with out good reason. The enemy had appeared to be a small reconnaissance party.

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[0.1] Wanderers; Discovering Control Coordination Centre #64 [11.1][11]


The 13 Wanderers moved through a broken, largely abandoned, domecity. Once, before Doomsday that ended the GreatWar, it had been a thriving community of lesser wealthy people. Their supposedly super protective dome had largely failed to do so. Savage ghoulers, more passive ghoulants, and even a few ghoulmans, were the result for most of the population.


Except not for all! There were unchanged survivors in a bunkerplex (bunker complex) but also at least three kinds of ghoulified creatures more dangerous than the generally known kinds.


A Wanderer blasted down two ghoulers with a double blast from his quadshotgun (four barrelled shotgun), killing them instantly. Ghoulants had gone to ground in partly collapsed buildings. There appeared to be no ghoulmans in that area but the 13 of them had an odd 'sense' about that.


The ghoulers suddenly fled away as if even they were made more wary by what ever was happening in that doomed city.


A shuddering scream, muffled by distance and buildings, broke out from the east. The Wanderers shot, fast, in that direction only to find the leftovers of a horrible incident. Three living radhumans, radraiders by the look of their gear, had become shrunken, desiccated, corpses. No looting had been carried out.


The ground shook, softly, and then became still again except as an empty NukaCola bottle that fell off a rubble wall.


The Wanderers went into a building that looked to be a typical city utilities centre. Yet inside they found there a softly glowing chamber full of strange, alien, devices. They had found CCC064 being also named as Control Coordination Centre #64.


They began to investigate the exotic interior with its amazing technologies and purpose for existence. What previously knew, they put aside so as to view it all with fresh minds. They also withheld both feelings and judgement of what they found there.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; False Claptrap Surrender Confession [12.1][12]


Anarashord, the false Lordtrap, sat inside his open 'anatrap' that showed that he depended on it to move around and to do other actions with. His body was withered, his head oversized for the rest of him. All of the Ananoids were like that to various degrees.


"We would have revealed our true nature after checking out the situation for a short time longer." Anarashord spoke with a slightly 'broken' voice. "The real Lordtrap is a ruthless member of the 13Fallen13. He had us enslaved until the RainbowSweeties rescued us."




He kept on speaking. "Rainbowbaby fixed us up because we were even more distorted than we are now thanks to the evil experiments of the 13Fallen13. They play at being god but in a most fallen way. They speak of having been gods, each one as 13 aspects, but now being fallen to being but demigods. They never bothered to explain such utterances."


Long range artillery shells fell upon the SteelCitadel's protective shell and made little impact. Somebody was trying to test the SteelCitadel's defences but the SteelOrderhood did not know what faction was doing so or why they were.


Anarashord went on speaking. "They spoke of the GreatGame that they once helped create and then lost control of when the GameWorlds became too real. I did not know what they were speaking of and they were not willing to explain, getting angry when I asked."


A soft shudder went through the chamber which was fairly close to the protective shell.


He went on. "They fear the 13 Wanderers who became the 13Wander13 in order to help counter the power of the 13Fallen13 but I do not know what the 13Wander13 are either. Then there are the 13Chosen13 which somehow is linked to you, and some of your siblings, Sarah Lyons. They fear you more than they do the SteelOrderhood but again I must profess frustrating ignorance."

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[1.1] LyonsPride; False Claptrap Surrender Confession [12.2][13]


He went on speaking. "You must know about the PanEnclaven of Lesser Enclavens, each being based on Enclaves such as the GrandEnclaves of the GrandEnclaven."


Sarah nodded. "Our ancestors fought the BearEnclaven and destroyed its massive oil-rig based Third BearEnclave. I admit that was less powerful and was smaller than the other two, underground ones; we failed to even discover the locations of those. That was way over west, from here, in Calabraska."


The small humanoid looked surprised. "The 13Fallen13 have links with the GrandEnclaven, may even be the leaders of the GrandEnclaven."


Sarah nodded. "There were hints, from captured bits of BearEnclaven data, of a 1Enclaven13 but not more than that. BearEnclavers were either ignorant of the facts of terrified to speak of them, or so it seemed to be the case."


They would have spoken more but Anarashord became suddenly exhausted and ended up sleeping in Sarah's arms. He looked happily blissful as he slumbered at his 'ancient age' of 7.6 years old. It was clear that the Ananoids badly needed help and they would get it.


Sarah very much wanted to meet the RainbowSweeties!

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Sneaky sneaky RainbowSweeties [13.1][14]


A rainbow patterned, chubby muscular, baby figure slipped into Sarah's bunk and the nappysuited figure was soon asleep in her arms. Anarashord was already there as was Vargas with his back pressed against that of the Sentinel; both adults were wearing shorts and Tshirts of regulation green.


Sarah smiled as an infant version, of the Rainbowbaby, slipped into Vargas' arms and was soon asleep there. He sighed, in resignation, but hugged the small nappysuit clad figure anyway.


A teenage version, of the Rainbowbaby, being also female, was clearly sexually mature in her tight, rainbow, skinsuit with some added modesty of breastcups and groincap. She slipped into Reddic's bunk and curled up against him, soon falling asleep. Reddic blushed sharply, looking bewildered. It was an on going bet, by the LyonsPride women, on just how much they could make him blush and how easy it was to do so.


Other such Rainbowfolk came sneakily into the LyonsPride barracks, all of them being easily detected as they came through the door. Thus came rainbow versions of humans, robots including claptraps, dogs, cats, other animals and even more; some were quite amazing while a few were even more so.

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[1.2] 13Fallen13; Swapping Over Minions [14.1][15]


Daleks gave over supermutant minions to the Mutantlord even as they became of the new Daleklord controlled faction of the 13Fallen13. The Mutantlord Faction was of one 1Fallen13 and the Daleklord Faction was of another. Daleks got Ogrons less dumb than those traditionally used by the daleks. They also gained new type techs, units and other tricks to utilise.


The new Daleklord viewed the daleks, in their hovercones and other dalek-machines, with some dubiousness. He had heard much about how brutal, merciless and efficient they were but Centralia had clearly given them the heebie-jeebies. Given the nature of that continent, he was not totally surprised but was disappointed.


The Mutantlord shook his head in wonder. "Perhaps there is something more to this than we have so far learned. Where did these daleks come from?"


The Daleklord was as a double sized hovercone. "They came from the TimeWar as refugees!"


The massive behamoth like Mutantlord was even more powerful than a true behamoth along being greatly more intelligent. "Perhaps rejects?"


The Daleklord paused, noticeably, before he responded. "If so I trade them off to the RainbowEmpire in exchange for some useful resources."


The 'RainbowEmpire' was an almost mysterious faction pretty much figured out to be of the Rainbowbaby and other Rainbowfolk. The RainbowEmpire gave generously in exchange for rescuing the hopeless.


The Mutantlord frowned. "Sounds good but how long would you have to wait for it to happen?"


The Daleklord responded most dryly. "Look for yourself!"


There had been a very brief shimmering of rainbow energies. The daleks were gone along with the first group, delivered, of aggressive ogrons being tall, strong, primitive seeming, primate humanoids. In place were daleks radiating coldness being in upgraded, hovercone like, hoverleks (hover daleks). With them were hovercone like robots being hovernators (hover exterminators) and other, aggressive, ogrons who wore more armour.


It turned out they had been rejected by the RainbowEmpire for being too 'not nice' to be Rainbowfolk but just what did that mean?


The Daleklord made plans to get other sources of daleks and dalektech just in case they did not work out that well. His fears were to be met by strange incidents.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Sweetie Adorable RainbowSweeties [15.1][16]


Anatraps became the official disguise name of the Ananoids. Now both the humanoids, and claptrap mechanisms, were fixed-upgraded by the RainbowSweeties. A whole lot of daleks, and ogrons, had joined those in a big, underground, chamber with rainbow surfaces. The Wildtraps were less wild, braver and smarter because of the influence of others in the area but only by a moderate degree; it would be a continuous process for most of them.


As for the Magnificent12345676, they were tightly holding onto their old natures. Except they now had the companionship of three rainbowtraps, a type of claptrap that had a calming effect on them. Sella patiently talked with them, now and then, also doing studies of them. She had easily come to the conclusion that they were of a very different kind of robotics than the common kind found across Centralia and in other parts of the NewEarth. That is bots, trons and a few others linked by basic similarities of sameness.


Former daleks were rainbowleks and former ogrons were rainbowgrons. They were changing!


Reddic was led, by the hand, by the Rainbowteen who had laid quiet, but strong, claim to him. It helped that she was actually over 1,000 years old. His flustered attempts, to convince her that he just might not want to be with her, failed because clearly he wanted to be with her.


Kodiaki was cleaning his rocketshell rifle, designed to deal with such as big-powerful supermutants, robots and other such threats. It was also part battlerifle and Kodiak was big, strong, enough to easily carry the duel weapon and use it despite its heavy recoil. His name was not his original one but had been given to him because he was large, scientifically enhanced, and otherwise like a kodiak bear.


Kodiaki thanked Rainbowbaby, that is one of her avatars, but he really did not need to be rainbow coloured. He was grateful for being further enhanced and even augmented being even stronger, more enduring and now even faster.


Other LyonsPriders were gathering there for their small barracks was right next door. Except there were more of them than, in theory, there should have been.

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[1.2] 13Fallen13; Hard but Hardly Sane [16.1][17]


The Daleklord observed the RainbowEmpire provided daleks making their way along a flagstone pathway while trying to avoid touching the 'evil cracks' that would open up and swallow them if touched. Frightened of boxcans of SPAM, hateful of mailboxes, addicted to NukaCola Quantum, worshipful of radroaches, prone to other strange actions, the daleks were driving the leader crazy with frustration.


The RainbowEmpire given ogrons fell in lusty love with mannequins, were drawn to playing in child's playgrounds, were paranoid about landmines, got confused with supermutants, kept getting easily lost, ran away from ghouls and otherwise helped to send the Daleklord mad.


The Daleklord gave them up to the RainbowEmpire, they all vanished in a rainbow shimmering, and were replaced by large stacks of stated to be 'basic-useful' resources.


The Daleklord sent reliable daleks to investigate them, taking along with them curious ogrons. Soon they were professionally checking out dalekteddies, ogrondollies, rainbowcandies, rainbowchoclates and other rainbow treats. The Daleklord sensed that he would face rebellion, if he tried to take the items off his minions, and quietly went off to sulk in his private quarters. Some of the new items were passed onto him and he then felt better.

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