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[0.0] The Prologue: The Fanfic Writer Prepares to Write [17.1][18]


I went to begin writing at my amazing, hodgepodge, writing mechanism. Then I wandered off to make a stack of super club sandwiches, a large mug of coffee topped with cream, two beef-cheese-bacon family pies, a thermos jug full of refill coffee, a thermos bottle of cool water, fruit salad with cream, a raw onion, a chibbilichobo, bird seed, cat snacks, dog biscuits, a family sized dark chilly-chocolate bar, a large roast chicken, fried jumping beans, fried dancing beans, two large icecream sandwiches, vanilla custard, vanilla icecream, chocolate moose and a single, small, dry biscuit.


As my crazy mix of pets consumed the rest of the repast, I nibbled on my biscuit and sipped water from a chilled glass.


Then I fell asleep in my extremely comfortable writing chair. To give me some credit, I almost wrote a first word to my planned fanfic story.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Dealing With Crazy Daleks, Ogrons... [18.1][19]


Rainbowbaby started influencing the daleks, and ogrons, sent to become part of the RainbowEmpire that was the Rainbowbaby and those with her. They would take time, she admitted that much, to truly change and so they were put into long term subconsciousness. Robotic hovernators were easier to deal with, being reprogrammed to become rainbowonators.


Sarah sent out another patrol squad of LyonsPriders. They were the elite cousins of general, and special, SteelForces that were often part of particular SteelOrders. The CouncilElders were pleased at this action but some of them, of the EldersCouncil, had become wary of the RainbowEmpire. There were SageElders who supported Rothchild who still wanted to take apart of claptrap much to the growing anger of PrimeElder Owen Lyons.


Sarah carefully made contact with her half-sister Kallisa, an officer of the Security Intelligence SteelOrder. The sentinel gained confirmation of what she already suspected, that is that there was a conspiracy taking place in the SteelOrderhood. Question was, did it originate from within the SteelOrderhood or from outside or even from both?


The sentinel was surprised, as were others, when Sella managed to gain some vital information from the recently arrived daleks. Rainbowbaby had sent them, to the Daleklord, in order for them to pick up that information but she did not know how that happened. The conspiracy arose from the constantly conspiring 13Fallen13 and its ability to manipulate certain types of people; the manipulated were those, in the SteelOrderhood, who had never fully supported either the splintering from the SteelBrotherhood or the SteelOrderhood travelling to take up residence in the SteelCitadel of Centropolis.


A three metre high-wide Rainbowsphere was attached to a large fusion alternator-generator; the RainbowEmpire, what ever that really was, transformed the machine and augmented it with exotic devices. These then projected a pulsating field of energies, not at all rainbow in quality, into which the Rainbowsphere floated. Soon it was absorbing about one megawatt a second.


For safety’s sake, the chamber was cleared except for the fusion mechanism and the Rainbowsphere.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Dealing With Crazy Daleks, Ogrons... [18.2][20]

Kallisa met with Sarah and ended up holding, and fussing lightly over, the Rainbowbaby. She kissed the small one on her scalp and then spoke to the sentinel. “The SISO (Security Intelligence SteelOrder) suspected Rothchild of being part of a conspiracy but his behavior turned out to be due to his personality as he is deeply loyal to both the SteelOrderhood and to the RDSO (Research Development SteelOrder).”

Sarah nodded. “That man is too obvious, too clumsy, to make a reliable conspiracy member; his interests are in gaining more knowledge and in completing his sometimes eccentric RD programs. His latest infatuation is LibertyPrime!”

Rainbowbaby spoke sleepily. “Big silly, robot, thingies always going on about communists of Russkichina. Me got eight of them doing peaceful, good, work in RainbowHome. SageElder Rothchild can not have them but me got some bits-pieces that he can have.”

When Rainbowbaby stated ‘me’ instead of ‘I’, she meant more than one of her aspects-avatars.

Kallisa kissed Rainbowbaby and then spoke. “That would be very good; the silly professor would be very happy if that happened.”

A whole new, coincidentally rainbow patterned, chamber was added externally to the SteelCitadel. This had to happen because it was huge, in proportions, but was still mostly full. There were incomplete LibertyPrimes as well as parts of them. There were other robotic parts as well along with manuals, tools, diagnostics devices and much else including weapons. There were no superweapons be they nuclear, biological, chemical or other.

SageElder, who was also a SageProfessor, was ecstatic and had to be handled with care by his assistants and carers.

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[1.1] LyonsPride; I Am Sure I Locked the Door [19.1][21]


Sarah, and Vargas, made love together slowly and yet very passionately on a double wide bed in an ‘LLC’ (Loving Lust Chamber). Their bodies intertwined as they made noises of mutual, and singular, pleasure.


Then it was done and it was only then that the two, naked, humans realised that they were being quietly observed by the Magnificent1234567, other claptraps, the Rainbowbaby and other RainbowLovelies.


They both laughed softly because what else could they do?


Thankfully the intruders were all gently-firmly ushered out of the chamber except for the Rainbowbaby. Clearly she was most amused at the ‘funny dancing wrestling’ that Sarah, and Vargas, had been carrying out together.

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[1.1] Mixed; The Battle for Happy Vale [20.1][22]


In the distance the lights of explosions flashed as did energy beams. Great wartripods were glimpsed briefly, towering above the urban battleground, striding against the Trimartians' enemies. Dalekdarts flittered through the sky, striking at them with their own kind of energy weapons.


The new Daleklord, very recent replacement of the one that had fled to the RainbowEmpire, was deploying hovering dalektanks, dalekdarts, and other units against the enemy; this included armoured ogrons armed with basic blasters and dalekmans of altered, cloned, humans.


A ruined building finally collapsed in a great blast of dirt, pieces of structure and smoke.


A great wartripod came crashing down, burning fiercely as it did, brought down despite its force fields. Far smaller battletripods were swarming in greater numbers and even smaller clashtripods in even bigger numbers. The Trimartians were definitely not part of the 13Fallen13 but out to destroy them.


Locals had fled, from the great battle, mostly going underground. Be they radroaches, ghoulers, deathclaws or protectrons they all seemed to be ‘pushed’ to survive by an unseen influence or more than one.


Bab and Bob, the permateens, made ‘oooh aaah’ sounds as they read their comic books of the Teletubbies.


Bib, and Bub, the two everbabies slept while the smart everinfant Beb watched the battle. Around them shimmered softly a force-field as the LittleFatMan sat in his comfy armchair observing the conflict with amazing eyes that seemed to take in ‘everything’.


Almost proper Victorian English he looked, of the LostEarth, in his offwhite tophat, coat, vest, trousers and shoes except that his skin, and hair, were of the same colouration.


He poured contents, of an elegant looking teapot, into a small cup but in this case it was sweet, but not overly sugary, chocolate drink. Sitting, on the big round offwhite table, Beb carefully picked it up with its two handles being on either side, and took a sip. After that she sighed, heartily, with satisfaction.

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Note: Follows on from Post #25 above this one.


[1.1] Mixed; The Battle for Happy Vale [20.2][23]


The clone LyonsPriders walked out of an elegant, offwhite, wardrobe that looked far too small for that to happen. In power-armour the 30 of them saluted the LittleFatMan and the BabitQuins even as they kept moving. They did the seemingly impossible, for a second time, and vanished through an offwhite door, and doorway, that stood set-apart in the middle of an area of floor.


They were followed by 30 Robotroopers that were robotic suits of power-armour. After that came another 30 Pridetroopers and, finally, 30 Robopackers that were Robotroopers ‘carrying’ big metallic frontpack-backpacks. The packs were well balanced off against each other and had different purposes about them.


The permateens gave them one, curious, glance and the permababies slept while the permainfant observed intently; Beb slowly drank a second cup of delicious chocdrink as she did so.


The LittleFatMan kissed her on the top of her head, causing Beb to laugh with pleasure.

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In the two previous posts have replaced 'LyonsPride' with 'Mixed' as in a mixture of main characters.

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[1.0] Wastelanders; No New Sound or Smell to Me!?[21.1][24]


HalfBlindJoe squatted near an open window. It was too dangerous to be silhouetted, to be exposed, where a crazed ganger, or raider, could shoot at one one just one a nasty whim.


He spoke to the ugly, handsome, raddog who looked back on him with adoring eyes. “Ode to my experience that knows all of the smells, and sounds, of the Wastelands. What have I not heard or smelt; I say I have heard, and smelt all that there is to hear and smell.”


He lightly chucked a treat to his K9 friend, Gorgeous! The not so aptly named canine gobbled up the treat and went back to listening intently; or at least he pretended to in order to get another treat for he was not really gorgeous but he was really smart, for a dog.


HalfBlindJoe wondered how he might conclude his ode.


There was a very loud stomping noise, then he could see the very top of a massive behemoth scalp. The mighty voice cried out. “Me has a sore belly!”


The great blast of wind shook the building with Gorgeous racing to crouch next to his master. It was like nothing that HalfBlindJoe had ever heard, so repulsive was it, and then the horrible stench followed it. The terrible smell flooded the chamber, shocking the man and causing the dog to whine.


After the gigantic supermutant had gone, HalfBlindJoe was quiet for a while as he soothed his companion with scratching.


Then, at last, he spoke. “Perhaps now I have heard, and smelt, all that there is to hear and smell. Yet, having been so surprised, this man will abandon his ode and seek other subjects to work on.”


He kept his word, both to himself and to Gorgeous!

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[1.1] LyonsPride; Expansion and Diversification of LyonsPride [22.1][25]


With all of the strange events, that had been happening, and the recent arrival of reinforcements, the LyonsPride grew bigger; it also diversified into different sections. At first they were the Pridemanders (high central command), Pridescouts, the Priderangers, Pridesappers (engineers), the Pridetroopers, the Pridemechers and the Prideservers (special general service support). Robomans served them all as did other types of robots and also androids.


More problematic was how were the challenges of finding some way to integrate all those eccentric entities into the SteelOrderhood. That is the daleks, supermutants, ogrons and claptraps that were going to take time to be ready to serve, if they ever would be.


The former Mutantlord’s Faction was now an ally of the SteelOrderhood but was closer to the RainbowEmpire.


The RainbowEmpire had previously added already loyal clones, robots and androids to the LyonsPride. The rainbowfolk remained serving the RainbowEmpire, which made sense to Sarah and a large number others; one reason was that the eccentric faction might just depart if it was overly pressured to give itself over to SteelOrderhood command. Sarah considered that her faction did not have the right to make unfair demands on the rainbowfolk.


Problems promised to rise with the SteelOrderforce’s High Command demanding that at least a third of the new LyonsPride resources be handed over to them. The ElderCouncil promptly crushed the arrogance of three high ranking commanders being Marshal Hanzie Cranks, Major Rainman Rudolph and Colonial Ariel Blimp.


The mood, of the SteelOrderforce, improved when the RainbowEmpire provided them with a large amount of resources though most of it was of the more basic kind. The same went to other SteelOrders.

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[0.0] The Prologue: The Fanfic Writer Has Written [23.1][26]


Yes, yes, yes, I had achieved a wonderful piece of writing despite the pile of scrunched up prior efforts.


Full, of pride, I thrust out my chest, as much as it was, and allowed myself a triumphant smile. Then I began to recite the great work of a grand shopping list.


One chibbilichobo, five kilograms of cheese coated snaggers, 20 kilograms of assorted birdseed, a 10 litre can of chewy meaty dogfood, 20 large cans of sardines in extra virgin olive oil, 20 large cans of sardines in former virgin olive oil, 20 really big oranges, five large rubbery cheese wheels, 10 large cans of farty gas beans, 10 large cans of jumping beans, 10 large cans of dancing beans, 10 large cans of runaway beans, another chibbilichobo, five large multigrain loaves of sliced bread, 10 large cans of chunder chops, another chibbilichobo (one can not have too many chibbilichobos), 20 large roast chickens, one very very large roast deathclaw, 20 litres of virgin vanilla icecream, 20 litres of sinful vanilla icecream, 20 litres of fresh red blood, another chibbilichobo (I just love chibbilichobos)…”


Suddenly, abruptly, without warning and taking me totally by surprise, I realised that nothing had changed!


I settled back, wondering what else I could add to the list like edible girly stockings, stuffed toadstools and double chocolate wonder cheese. Then I fell blissfully asleep.

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