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Major performance issues despite mods, and regardless of ENB effects?

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Right. So. Using Mod Organizer 2 to try and get a modding set-up working, after Vortex proved a poor choice. Complete re-install and even cleaned out certain folders of old .esps that'd been kicking around. Current mods I have installed are:


xNVSE 6.07

FNV Mod Limit Fix

NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fixer

Manual install of d3dx9_38.dll and .tmp from the New Vegas Heap Replacer (console doesn't open on startup, which makes me think it was unsuccessful)



Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP 12.0

Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus

Project NEVADA

Project NEVADA DLC Support

Rudy ENB/ENBseries

My Fallout NV is 4GB patched via the last update of Roy's old patcher.

PN is there mostly because I know it's going to end up high in the load order and was one of the first mods I wanted to get locked in, but doesn't seem to affect this issue. Even with it's .esms and .esps disabled, the issue remains. The issue being: debilitating slowness/cursor and game lag. Seems to be on a very core level, as Doc Mitchell's walking animation plays in an odd, stuttering sort of fashion and his lip-sync is way off. Toggling ENBs effects on and off via the default keybind seems to have no affect on the issue. The lag is present from start-up, as even before a save is loaded, the opening slides even have frame issues (trust me, it's not just them loading slow, it's visually noticeable) and the cursor jumps all over the place.

I've tried adjusting a number of things in enblocal.ini to see if it'd have any affect, but nothing so far has produced even the slightest difference. Neither the expandsystem memory stuff or the 'unsafe' memory hacks. As well as inspecting FalloutPrefs to make sure the multisample and waterdisplacement values are set to 0. HDR is enabled in the launcher, AA is disabled. I've done all the recommended things and checked and double-checked all these different .ini's. I feel like the issue is something I'm not thinking to check, or that's screwed up on a very basic level. Oddly, before this, when I was using Vortex, with a wildly outdated half-install of NVSE and a malfunctioning ENB setup leftover from years ago, it ran like butter with significantly more mods installed, despite some clear issues with the game itself caused by conflicts and/or load order, most likely, so I'm really at a loss. Hence why I turn to the forums, here.

Any help in sleuthing out what's wrong here would be massively appreciated, as I can tell if I can fix this I'll have a solid base to work off, with the more methodical approach I'm trying to take and MO2's more direct controls over things.

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Please see the 'Solutions to "Crash To Desktop" (CTD) problems' sections in the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" guide.


Please see the 'Vanilla Load Order' entry in the 'First Timer Advice' section; as well as the 'Towards Game Stability' and the 'Common Game Problems' sections of the wiki "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article.


Please see the "Issue - Recommended Project Nevada master file load order" entry under the "Solutions to Miscellaneous problems" section of the wiki "Fallout NV Mod Conflict Troubleshooting" article.


Strongly recommend you take ENB out of the picture until you have a stable game. Deal with one problem at a time. I recommend anyone read the entire "FNV General Mod Use Advice" article to understand the differences between this game and others you may have experience with; especially if this is your first attempt to play a modded FNV or it's been more than a year since you last set it up. It is designed for someone who has never played a modded PC game before, so it tries to avoid making any assumptions, is kept "up-to-date", and covers years of "lessons learned" by a retired Technical Support expert. It is NOT a list of various mods to install that happen to work on the author's machine; only "the essentials". It addresses fundamentals underlying how to get the basic game and mods to work together. At least 90% of everything I post in the "Technical Support" sub-forum is already in that article. Once you can play a test game to at least Primm, only then should you try adding other mods from some other "guide".


If you still need help, Please provide ALL the information requested in the wiki "How to ask for help" article. Don't forget to identify things that do not appear in the "load order", such as the version of Windows, if you are using a "Steam" or "GOG" and/or "regional language version" of the game (even if you are playing it in English); using the FNV4GB Patch, NVSE and it's related plugins; replacements for textures (specifically their larger image sizes: 1024x1024, etc.), animations, or "bodies", etc.; and "post-processors" like ENB or SweetFX. It saves us playing "20 questions" and gets you a more specific answer more quickly. (The usual turn-around on post and reply in an older game forum is 24 hours.) Screenshots of the "load order" don't usually work so well because they tend to cut off or fail to display needed information and are hard to "piece together" into a complete and coherent picture.

* See "How to markup images (etc) in forum posts and comments" article for how to use "Spoiler tags", etc.. "LOOT" already includes those tags in the "load order" it copies to your clipboard, so you can just paste it's list into your post.


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