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Hi all! I'm fairly new here.


So, in the Dawnguard expansion, people will no longer attack you after you've reached stage four in Vampirism. I miss this because it added a challenge to the game. Now, I don't really have any reason to suck blood.


Does anyone know of a mod that will make the NPCs hostile again?

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The Short answer is yes, but it actually does alot more as well. Also a heads up I play skyrim on Xbox, so I don't know much about the technical side.

There are two major Vampire overhauls I like- Better Vampires and Sacrosanct, both of which have their own reasons to be used, and even work together if you use a patch- "add Sancrosanct Spells to Better Vampires", which as the name implies will sacrifice features from Sacrosanct here and there to let it fit into Better Vampires.


Better Vampires completely revolutionizes vampirism from the ground up. It is highly customisable as well, so you can change practiacally everything.

Do people hate you when you are fresh-fed or starved? Are you stronger when starved or fresh-fed? How much does sunlight effect you? Does your feed level change how much it effects you?

Along with this it adds in a progression system to give you a really good reason to feed all them time, even if your fresh-fed.


Alternatively Sacrosanct by itself also changes alot about vampirism, while keeping the same mechanics as unmodded skyrim, including people attacking when blood starved. adds some spells and also adds buffs, debuffs and abilities to reinforce those mechanics. For instance Vampires can walk on water, force others to obey spoken commands, and "much more". As you starve you will loose your coersive abilities, and gain a more feral skill set- bats to attack enemies or a frenzy that causes weakness until you feed, and when you do so you'll kill your victim. Furthermore if you starve yourself bad enough you won't even be able to heal.

Sacrosanct has alot of specific stuff and I've alreay listed plenty, so if you're interested just go to the mod page, and if not no harm done yeah?


Alongside Better Vampires there is also a standalone mod named "Better Vampires NPCs". This mod does not need Better Vampires, and can be used to Sacrosanct, or alone, at least to my knowledge. If you wish for better NPC vampires in the world then I'd recommend it, but it does not change the player's vampirism.

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