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Movement causing terrain stutter?


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hi so i have been wanting to play NWN2 again, got the game, created character and started playing. im still in the tutorial area of the main campaign because no matter what i have tried, when my character moves, everything around me stutters. when i stand still everything is fine. i noticed even some npcs stutter when moving even while im just standing there. i looked online for fixes for this issue and so far have only found "rebooting your PC" and the "Client extension". ive tried both and neither have fixed the problem. i dont know what else to try, i have turned all the graphics settings down to minimum, even tho my pc is a pretty good gaming pc. still didnt fix the problem....only thing i can imagine would fix the problem is trying to install a previous driver for my Nvidia gcard? but i wouldnt even know what driver to revert to....if anybody knows how i can fix this problem, help a brotha out plz lol. really just wanted to casually play the game since i have very little time to play due to work and life in general, such a downer cuz i was hella nostalgic about it again =(

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