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Not malware, but unwanted spoilers


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Ad title: “The Best Video Games Where You Die At The End”


I saw this ad on April 3, at 1:42 a.m. Central Time.

I live in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

It isn’t malware per se, but an ad that reveals that you die at the end of the game, with a thumbnail with an easily recognizable character from one of those games, is very inconsiderate to gamers who want to enjoy their games unspoiled.


It started playing before I could screen cap the thumbnail (apparently they're quite eager to maximize the number of unwanted spoilers they inflict on people), but I'll attach the screenshot I was able to grab. (Spoiler warning for I don't know what game. A.k.a. the most useless spoiler warning I've ever written. Sorry.)




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1) I've not seen any advert on that page and never seen any advert on any Nexus page. Maybe I've been lucky or maybe it's my Firefox security settings/plugins? Or maybe your machine/browser is compromised? Having had my details and password harvested from another games forum (TotalWar) who subsequently showed zero interest in my concerns (they didn't even respond), I now use NordVPN, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin - and recommend all of them. I also use NoScript a little bit, but that's an advanced one which can break sites if you're not careful.


2) Modders through their offerings, and both gamers & modders through their comments, constantly spume forth spoilers on Nexus which 75% (or more) of the time are avoidable. Nexus could help by at least making spoiler tabs easier to implement (say the same way as they do for links). But it's not just Nexus of course, the problem is absolutely everywhere. I even saw a popular video game reviewer say in one vid the other day he'd only avoid spoilers for new games "but it's been a month now, so..." For crying out loud. Horrible idiots, the bloody lot of them.

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