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Forced Level-up mod/ Limited Soul wallet


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Dear Dark Souls modding community,


Buying upgrade materials and other expensive items is way too easy. You just grind a bit and collect the souls you need.


I was thinking how I could limit the amount of souls you can carry. I thought of a solution.


Could it be implemented, that after you collected the amount of souls that is needed for the next level. You auto-warp to the last bonfire you have rested at and you cannot leave until you spend the souls on the level?


It sounds easy, but I am like the John Snow of modding: "I know nothing". So "It sounds easy" is an ignorant statement of mine. But considered the mods i have seen over the last couple of years. Mods like Scorged Contract and Daughters of Ash make this idea seem like a walk in the park.



I hope that I presented the idea clearly enough, and i hope someone sees it as a worthy investement of his or her time.


Also my apologies if there is already such a mod in existence. Also apologies for any language mistakes, I am Dutch.


One last thing, if you think this is actually not too hard too implement, and it could be considered as a good starting project to learn Dark Souls modding. Than I am very willing to learn from you.



Kind regards,


Dennis from the Netherlands







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