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EverEpic Zero


Post naming and numbering system, example.

EverEpic One 1.1(1) means:

Name of whole story, Part One of EverEpic, Chapter One, page one of chapter one and EverEpic page number one.


To be edited, added to.

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EverEpic One 1.1(1)


Samson dreamed amazingly vivid horror, rage, agony, sadness as he clawed, bit and smashed enemies with his hulking but amazingly fast, agile and strong inhuman body.


The temple complex, ancient and heavy of stone, echoed with terrible noises. Overturned oil lamps had spilled burning oil across areas of floor. Exotic, disturbing, wall tapestries burned.


The dream was a flickering of images, a soundscape of screams and howls of fury. The smell of blood was almost overwhelming as he destroyed humans, human like things and other hulking monsters.


None could stand up to him as he hurled himself through walls, picked up statues and crushed enemies with them. From his open jaws spat jets of incredibly hot flame and his claws sparkled with high voltage electricity.


He killed and he killed and then he killed some more!

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EverEpic One 2.1(2)


Samson woke with one golden ring on the middle finger of each hand and studied them in wonder. The slimly muscular twenty year old found he could not remove them mentally or physically and that others could not see them, or so it was at first.


Samson had breakfast with the family of father, mother, two sisters, an aunty and two female first cousins. His father departed early, supposedly racing off to work but it was an open secret he was off to see his young mistress who was not much older than Samson's older sister. Nobody liked the father much so it was good to see him leave.


They had cereal, bacon and eggs on toast, orange juice and tea with milk. Being in the semirural area outside of the city of Hopeville, both being close to the Jagged Mountains, the family had a good deal of farm produce. There were servant and other working families on the estate who lived in part of the big old fortified mansion or in cottages. They had breakfast in other rooms.


He went back to his bedroom, prepared his mechanical typewriter, and wrote another draft chapter for his new novel. He wrote science fantasy detective novels about sexy young women investigators, with strange powers, who solved crimes involving witchcraft, werewolves and much else of the paranormal Samson Foremale had been publicly attacked for being sexist plus immoral and he did not bother to defend himself; his family needed the money and he got a good deal of currency from the popular, much selling books.


A big ginger tabby tomcat curled up on his desk, stretched and then went to sleep. Other cats wandered in through the pet-door and an open window. The felines were walled into part of the mansion and a small walled off area of garden so they could not do too much damage to local flora and fauna; nor could they be shot as ferals.


He examined the rings, comparing them to his family crest ring. His family had a title of nobility but was lesser nobility of the TripleEmpire of land, sea and sky. The TripleEmpire had arisen about a thousand years after the Breaking of the Earth, that is a thousand years of chaos, scattered wars and mostly primitive technologies. The TripleEmpire was almost a thousand years old and dominated most of the Known World.


The voice spoke in his mind being strong, warm, female.


Other: "The Faterings are the first of the Fatedevices to come to you. You have special abilities and these are in your mind even now. Just focus on knowing them and they will become clear to you."


They did and he was impressed by what seemed to be magical, or paranormal, abilities. Yet he guessed that there was more to it than that. At first it was some of the more immediately practical abilities that attracted him.


Samson: "Why am I not freaked out by this? Why am I taking it so calmly?"


Other: "That is a question that is best answered in the future. For now just focus on practising some of your new special abilities at a basic level. Do you have anything that needs special repair, that is to be regenerative rejuvenation?"

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EverEpic One 2.2(3)

Samson took some water damaged antique hardback books, they being from 1745AB and 1767AB. There was a sparkling shimmer and they were as good as new. Then he made the books, now being far more valuable, and made them vanish with more sparkling shimmering, into a special form of storage. The sparkling shimmering was a side effect of the use of certain kinds of powers.

He was pleased that the books were now more valuable but far more pleased that he could now read them properly, study them and gain knowledge from them.

There was a need to ration the use of the new, special abilities because of the cost in energies and effort. He grew tired of mind, body and spirit. This was especially true as he was new at such matters.

After he went over some notes, for his new novel, he did some sketching of a bowl of fruit. The bowl of fruit was permanently placed on a small table, next to the large bedroom window, so that he could sketch, draw or paint it under different conditions of light.

The intercom-telephone rang and he sighed with mild annoyance for he 'sensed' that his mother wanted something from him yet again. He loved her but was not certain that he actually liked her. She was too much of the Estatefolk, as were most people on the estates, deeply bound to Estatefolk traditions; some were good, some were neutral but some were also quite bad.

He picked up the black handset, with golden patterning, and spoke. "Hello, mother! How are you and what do you want this time?"

Mother: "One day you will tell me how you do that or maybe not; you do like your little secrets so very much. Jim Jones Hayden is threatening to go to the Hopelands Royal Debts Court to demand $50,000 from the estate because of paternal grandfather's past gambling debts."

Samson frowned. The gambling debts were $23,000 at most, if that. The claim is a dubious one, at best. Jim Jones Hayden is up to something. Perhaps somebody is behind his actions like one of the regional factions that are so eager to take over this estate.

There were Estatefolk factions eager to take possession of the Foremale Estate but also non Estatefolk factions. Samson had not found out why so many powerful, wealthy and influential estates wanted him to allow the sale. He kept on blocking any such action taking place partly because he had given an oath to his maternal grandfather, partly because he wanted to know just why so many factions wanted the estate and mostly because he loved the place.

Mother: "Some of the offers have been very good and we are in debt."

He responded. "The oath, remember the oath, if not all the people who depend upon the estate along with the animals, plants and the other life. We have been catching up with our debts slowly, but steadily. We are far from bankruptcy. There are other estates far worse off than we are. I have also come up with a new plan to generate more money. I need to think it out but will be able to say some more on it after dinner, tonight."

Mother: "That sounds.... good! I will make sure dinner is a fine one.

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EverEpic One 2.3(4)

The intercom-telephone communications ended and he shook his head in wonder. Mother would make sure dinner was a fine one. She wanted money for the estate, for the family but also for her own desires. Yet, at times, Samson wondered if his mother was so straight forward.

He went through his stuff and regen-rejuvenated old time worn items, newer damaged items and even parts of the chambers. Some items he energy-stored but most staid solidly there.

A pretty young housemaid delivered some mail, briefly flirted with him and then hurried back to work. That was normal as young women often wanted to improve their lives through wealthier young, or even older, men. The family women kept a hard eye on such women. Samson flirted back, mildly, but no more because he did not want to put the housemaid in danger.

The mail had been opened by his mother, of course, and quickly examined before being resealed.

He had a bank statement along with other documents on certain long term investments made through the TriImperial Bank of the Hopelands, more often known as the Hopelands TriImperial Bank. He had made some good gains but he knew he could do better.

There was a letter from the publisher, of his novels, stating that he had made a fine profit on his last published novel named Sexy Angels: the Harem of Lost Loves. He also did the cover art for his books, which earned him extra monies. His cover art was put inside the books, clean of any writings or price. While outright sexual descriptions were censored, he got away with artful erotic hints and also female nudity. Oddly enough male nudity was frowned upon or was that so odd, considering the nature of the TripleEmpire.

Professor Harold Hoggins had sent him a thick envelope. The long distance chess game continued. The professor spoke of his recent researches, a short visit to a hospital of the capital city of TriImperiarna and added some cut out newspaper articles along with some comic strips along with some carefully done political satire comic pictures.

On the surface everything was fine but Samson was concerned as he read the coded message hidden in the general message. The professor had managed somehow, though he did not know how, to make a powerful TriImperial Faction pay hard attention to him and his activities.

Professor Harold Hoggins specialise in the paranormal, exotic sciences and such like. To most academics he was a joke, despite his genius, except when he wrote more standard academic papers that some of the best imperial scientific journals were happy to publish. It was from these that he gained any real income, along with gifts from Samson and a few others, to supplement his meagre imperial scholarly allowance.

The Hopelands were a very very long way from TriImperiarna. There were Waygates, that had appeared during the Breaking of the World, but they were normally restricted to high priority imperial uses. The only exceptions were by factions influential enough to gain some usage. Otherwise their were aircraft of varied kinds, including aeroships, ships, rail or even road. The world was round but much of it was in the Forbidden World and not the Known World. Beyond the Jagged Mountains, like some great monstrous wall, lay the Forbidden World. The irony was that, if one could travel across the Forbidden World, it would be easier to get to TriImperiarna from the Hopelands.

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I have done some important editing in EverEpic One 2.2(3)to improve it since I forgot to put the " marks into conversations. I suppose this is what one gets when trying to write when one is too tired to do so. :mellow: :biggrin: :thumbsup:

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EverEpic One 2.4(5)

He had no intention of trying to go across the Forbidden World to get to the capital supercity of the TripleEmpire. Even if he got past the brutally efficient TriImperial Bladeguardia, he needed to get across the amazing savage Jagged Mountains even before he tried the dreaded Forbidden World itself, that was smaller than the Known World or the rest of Unknown World.

What could he do?

Other: "Reinvestigate older resources and investigate new ones. You have gained one Fatecredit per second since midnight, the moment that you gained the Faterings. Now you know fully the basic starting Fategoods Menu of what you can gain.”

Resources, what resources did he have? It was difficult to say because, other than his privately owned stuff, including animals, much of it was legally questionable. So far he had not found any legal firm that he could afford, trust and that was close enough to the estate to be really useful.

Then he went back to the mail.

There were three academic journal and a popular knowledge magazine along with a small figurine to add to his collection of superheroes and supervillains, male and female.

Then there was the curious grey envelope of silky feeling. Even as he touched it, a strange tingling sensation went through him and somehow he knew that his mother had found no desire to even look at it closely, let alone to try to open it. This was no normal envelope.

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EverEpic One 3.1(6)

The envelope opened easily for Samson but he got the impression that it would not have done so for others.

Out of it slid a packet of 39 plastic cards, each the size and thinness of normal playing cards. Each was black with a golden wheel emblem on the back and odd golden emblems and numbers on the front along with other features. There were three sets of thirteen cards as used by two players and the referee.

Other: “The ancient card game of FateLaraza.”

Then there were a large number of voucher cards for local goods and services or those that could be gained through the mail catalogues. They were half price or full price or bonuses with certain items bought. They were worth over $2,000.

There were eighteen business cards, some of which were linked to the vouchers.

There were five receipt cards for fully paid five year subscriptions to two journals, two magazines and one compact mail-newspaper. Some were linked to the business cards.

There was also an imperial postal cheque, registered for him, for $1,000 in TriImperial Dollars along with lightly used $100 notes to the total of $1,000.

Last of all were six keys, three being brass, two being silver and one being golden. Each came with symbols on them and were on the same keyring.

The last was a big black card with the golden wheel emblem on the back and on the front a message. The golden wheel emblem was like that found on the FateLaraza plying cards.





He energy-stored the cash, the cheque, the vouchers, the subscription receipt cards, the keys and the fancy playing cards. Yet he kept the card with the message on it though he was not sure right. Samson investigated it carefully, noting the odd thickness of the card and the line on its edges. With care he pulled it open to reveal that it was two cards stuck together. They came easily open for him but he suspected this would not be true for other people.

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EverEpic One 3.2(7)

Inside, on one card face, was a map of the mansion that would need a magnifying-glass to use properly, or so he supposed then. It included symbols, words and a key menu. On the other exposed card face were some codes linked to various symbol marked places on the map. It was not hard to see that the codes would be on the keys that he had been sent. There were also other clues such as small line drawings of artefacts and short lyrical statements.

He made the big card vanish into energy-storage and sat thinking about what had happened. Then he examined the rings again but using a powerful magnifying-glass. The material was oddly smooth, even at that magnification.

When it came to him, he felt a little foolish. He took the oddly silky feeling envelope and carefully opened it up, again with the feeling it would not have opened for others. On the inside was a map of the estate grounds including areas he had not gone to for a long time or had never been to. There were features that surprised him, many symbols and a key to the symbols.

Samson realised that there were uncomfortable feelings rising within himself for the maps, of the mansion and estate, seemed to be triggering memories that he had suppressed for many years.

It was the same memories that spoke of the mysterious, bloody, violent events that had led him to being exiled to his part of his family estate, under 'estate arrest', since he was eleven years old. It was another reason why he was not so likely to be rushing off to TriImperiarna to rescue Professor Harold Hoggins.

Now twenty, he had been a prisoner for close to ten years and it did not seem that the sentence would end any time soon.

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If you spot any errors in the writing please post about them! :confused: :cool: :thumbsup:

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