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EverEpic One 66.2(135)

His mother gave her son a puzzled look. “It does not seem to be much of a difference.”

“It is a very important distinction between the two. daomons should not be able to exist in mortal realms let alone invade as seemingly they have done. Unless....” He shook his head grimly. “Unless this world is no longer in, or completely in, the mortal realms. Perhaps it has not been so since the Breaking of the World. It would explain much about the more curious aspects of this world, about strange events that have taken place here.”

He looked up at the three moons. “Perhaps a great big clue, to the truth, has been in front of me all along and I have failed to see it.”

The three moons in the sky were the big red one named Sapphirena, the middle white one named Luna, and the small green one named Emeralda. Samson studied them intently, for a time, as if seeing them for the very first time. His mother looked up at the moons, being clearly puzzled at her son's sudden focus on the them.

Samson shook his head, as if trying to clear something in his mind, and then spoke. “Luna is neutral, Emeralda is life and death while Sapphirena is both undeath and unlife. Yes...... there is something hidden behind Sapphirena being another moon, a black moon that represents something else. The symbolic more influences reality here because this world, and its moons, are stuck in a transdimensional realm of unstable nature except that it is not natural.”

Then it happened, as if responding to his discovery, the black moon emerged from behind Emeralda and somehow could be clearly seen despite it being black. Perhaps it was because of the odd glimmerings on its surface or the polished finish of other areas as if it was marble.

Samson shuddered softly. “That is Oorazal, by one of its many names, and it represents the all consuming of all four states of the Cycle of Life, the total nullification of all and the infinity of nothingness or the Great Void, the Endless Abyss or the thing of also many other names.”

He turned to her. “The test-transformations are sent by GodGoddess to save people from what has really been happening. Those infested by the, falsely named, Rusty Plague are the ones being test-transformed except for a minority of others being given a second chance. It seems that all of the infested ones can be manipulated into carrying out orders of a secret, powerful intelligence. How do I know this, along with much else that is coming to me; because I have been through it all before, though with some minor differences.”

An Estateguard came to them, looking most concerned. “A force of strange denizens are attacking Hopeville. They can run, fly, swim with much speed, agility and strength. They have armoured skin and are armed with deadly claws, fangs, retractable blades, spinedarters, flame-spitters and... other gruesome tricks. They can even turn humans into their own kind.”

Samson shook his head. “Many people are deeply infested with evil that is now turning them into daomons. daomons can not change just anybody into daomons but they can instigate the daomonic transformation in other people who are deeply infested.”

The Estateguard looked relieved and then began to become a daomon.

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EverEpic One 66.3(136)

The Estateguard was test-transformed before he could become a daomon and now he was enhanced of mind-body-spirit, his problem with alcoholism gone and his courage, confidence, greatly increased.

There was hope for many of those, who were becoming daomons, did not do so but instead were test-transformed. Yet too many daomons, who came from people of darker natures, were now joining together in groups to attack humans. daomons turned other humans into daomons or at least they tried to; they often ended up fighting the test-transformed, about half of which had special elemental powers.

So the real problem had always been there and now Samson knew something vital had been overlooked for the very existence of the daomonic infestation, in the Hopelands, would help draw other transdimensional entities to there. Question was who, what, did the daomons serve and how was that linked to the actions of other dark entities?

Or was he looking in the wrong direction?

Samson, in the Fatedomain, was busy investigating and was doing so with the assistance of Fateclones and others including clones, androids and refugees from the world. Back up research was being done in the Fatetorium and in the huge Foremale Estate Library.

Salisha cried out as she began to turn into a daomon and then she test-transformed right next to him. The Estatefolk matriarch was calmer, younger looking, and seemed shocked by changes that she had gone through. As normal, the test-transformation had taken much longer for the subject than it seemed to have done upon viewing it on the mortal plain.

She spoke, after a long pause, with a tone of fear in her voice. During the test-transformation she had obtained some knowledge, as did happen some times. “Even powerful, dark entities fear it such as the Daedric Princes, the Doomlords and YintMit along with Sezshesho, the Devil of Devils, that was driven into the Slumbering Abyss. Odd that Sezshesho was exiled there; I did not know it was a place normally reserved for the exiling of powerful Devils.”

Samson studied his mother with some caution though there was something 'clearer' about her now, something gone from her as if a half hidden darkness had been swept from Salisha. How as it that he had missed such a thing in his own mother. He had missed other important matters also; was he blind?

Other: “Not blind but deeply deceived! Those who deceived you are themselves victims of deep deception or were so such as your mother. Look to factors of the Hopelands, the Estatelands, that you have taken for granted.”

Like the smugglers, and other locals, summoning lesser demons to undertake deals? He had always accepted such as simply part of life though he had never liked the practice but had it ever been natural? Also what of the lesser demons known as the Sezshia, the Sezshoco and the Sezshilli?

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EverEpic One 66.4(137)

Then it came to him with a sharp shock of realisation; the Sezshia, the Sezshoco and the Sezshilli summonings had begun just a few months before the Rusty Plague had begun. The summonings had ceased during that time but had begun again after the Rusty Plague had ended.

It was time to capture some lesser demons and to ask some questions of them. The question was what was the best way to do that? Would summoning them, in the orthodox fashion of the Hopelands, be the way to do it? Or was that way far too dangerous now?

Other: “What if the naming of one, or more, things is false?”

He frowned. What if the Sezshia, the Sezshoco and the Sezshilli, that people had been summoning as lesser demons, were not really Sezshia, the Sezshoco and the Sezshilli after all but had only pretended to be such. That could explain why they were so much weaker than the Sezshia, the Sezshoco and the Sezshilli of the mythological histories; they were much stronger in their service to the Devil of Devils, Sezshesho. If they were fake, what were they?

Other: “Congratulations! You have gone to five Fatecredit per second and two Fateclones per hour. There is a grey envelope and a black envelope is soon to arrive with Samson in your Fatedomain. There is also a copper package to arrive.”

What next? Samson turned and hugged his mother to himself and she hugged him back.

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EverEpic One 67.1(138)

The cybermen, and cybermats, were driven back with difficulty. The bridgehead was held but only with some difficulty. Small explosions, bullets, pulsebeams and other forces damaged the area but less than Samson feared they would; the fortress was well designed and made. He fired a very big, very powerful, handgun and two cybermen disintegrated, the trapped, twisted human brains inside being given their freedom from a hellish existence.

He stepped out into the open as the last of the active cybermen, and cybermats, vanished out of sight. Even as he did, a familiar voice spoke to him from public speakers. It was his GeniusThirteen clone-sister, Samlal. She sounded angry. “You betrayed me...!”

Samson frowned. “I never betrayed anybody in the GeniusThirteen. Surely you can see that.”

After a moment of silence, Samlal spoke again. “Come to think of it, I have come to have doubts about what the... dark voice spoke of. I do not like you Samson but I had nothing to do with sending the nasty big cybermen, or those nasty little cybermats, after you. I got into this damned hitech hole in the ground and became trapped here. I was after some nice loot but was soon on the run, and hide, from something very nasty. Maybe it sent the clunky cyborgs after you.”

Security network-systems could have done that but he doubted it for they were not that sophisticated inside the underground fortress. Then again, was there one of the Chessators there, known as the BlackQueen, or had that only been a prank by Samlal?

BlackQueen spoke over speakers and answered that question. “I am the BlackQueen. You have trespassed into corporate government territory yet I am willing to overlook this grave legal breach if you assist me against the cybermen threat.”

Samson spoke. “Were the cybermen developed and built here? Somehow I know of the cyborg project that enslaves people and sends them to enslave or destroy others.”

The BlackQueen spoke again. “There was a secondary development production section here in the Hexagon03 but the main focus of the Cybermanic Project was elsewhere, in Hexagon05. We can speak more, of such matters, after an agreement is formed and we battle an enemy that could destroy both of us, that has more than cybermen and cybermen to throw against us.”

So he agreed and an alliance was formed.

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I have been having a necessary break from writing in Druid's Garden but will soon be back with new material. Graham, alias Maharg67

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Thanks, demidekidasu, for the feedback and best wishes! I have been up and down with my health, mental and physical, and have been diverted by other pressures. The good thing is that I am now looking at EverEpic with a fresh vision and wish to revise, to hopefully improve, the plot I had intended to end Part One with. I do not know if I will be doing a Part Two. Thanks again and I hope that you are well!

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EverEpic One 68.1(139)


The BlackQueen, AI-supercomputer network of network-systems, sent BlackPawn multiple purpose roboremotes to assist Samson and his people, they being six limbed humanoids with modular, changeble, sections. Samlal began to reluctantly assist but was soon working steadily to support a new alliance. Samlal, and Samson, did not know it but this was a first step towards reforging closer links to one another, to even forming a friendship.


Surprisingly enough no more cyberforce attacks took place. The BlackQueen reported that her units had picked up indications, from the edges of an are closed to her, that some kind of major fighting was going on there. Were the strange cybermanic entities bound up dealing with some other threat or were there other forces involved in that barely observed conflict?


There would be no reinforcements arriving from above thanks to all of the trouble taking place there. Samson's people found large stores of emergency equipment, and supplies, that they needed only a relatively small portion of. Soon they were being sent off to the Foremale Estate proper to assist with the many needs of the Estatelands. This was made easier when one of the strange 'elevator' doors appeared that linked directly to the Foremale Eastate, along with other locations.


Samlal took a further risk and called forth her own people, being an odd collection of humans, nonhumans, androids and smart-robots along with things not so easily classified. Very soon they were proving to be very useful in securing the outpost more heavily and in preparing an expedition to go to the area where the battle was taking place.



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EverEpic One 69.1(140)


The fake Sezshia demon tried to look tough, failed miserably and then hunched down in a fearful heap. Its voice spoke out. "We be dinshekoobio of the Festering Plains of Hellish Rubbish. We look after all the garbage that comes from some dimensional hell realms. That is we all did until we were forced to pretend to be Sezshia, Sezshoco and Sexshili. We have some ability of shapeshifting but mostly it was the big evil bullies who made us change, hurting us muchly as they did so. Then we were made to be summoned to the mortal realms to carry out silly agreements with greedy foolish mortal humans who should have known better. That is how the Rusty Plague got to show up in the Estatelands."


A plague that was in truth not a plague at all but an bizarre invasion of daomons.


They were in a large chamber in the Foremale Estate Mansion. The muffled sounds of fighting were coming from the edges of the estate as a force of daomons attempted to invade it. The conflict was scattered and refugees were still arriving at the area for safety and other forms of help. A constant stream were being sent to the Fatesanctuary.


The fake Sezshia made a rapid snooshing noise and then spoke again. "We know that bad things were happening, in the Hopelands, before we came along but that what we did helped make things worse. We do not like this! Things should happen as they have for a very very long time, not like what has been happening badly."


Dinshekoobio were far from geniuses but they were far from stupid; they had been exploited and they knew it. Many of their kind had been captured in TriImperiarna and enslaved to work on a great secretive projective deep beneath the supercity.


An important question was what had happened to the real Sezshia, Sezshoco and Sexshili and what were they really like?


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