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EverEpic One 9.1(18)

The fixed wing aeroplane was an almost exact copy of an ancient kind of prop driven monoplane known as a DC3 or Dakota. The TripleEmpire had brought them back into production after finding a great hidden secured archive of historical data including blueprints and even accurate full scale models. Other machines had been enhanced and brought into production. Machines were chosen for how well they could fit into certain areas of the TripleEmpire and often older, more basic, types were chosen instead of more advanced machines. The Dakota was rugged, reliable and easy to maintain by Hopelands standards.

The fairly large machine came into land at the Hopeville Airport, not to be mistaken for the Aeroport used by such as small aeroships. It was full of passengers, along with the air crew, and there were also two AirGuards. The TriImperial Airways operated aircraft of many kinds, including aerocraft.

Then the machine was moving across the airport, was coming to a halt in a large hanger. Other aircraft, in the air-convoy, had either landed or were preparing to land. Air-convoys were needed in that region because flying beasties sometimes escaped from the Jagged Mountains. Three long range escort fighters had come with the convoy along with bigger gunplanes, in this case Dakotas with gunports and turrets that fired heavy machineguns and other weapons.

Nearly half the aircraft carried air-cargo while others carried TriGuards, regional defense soldiers, or general passengers. As the Dakota halted inside the semi-enclosed hanger, it was very large and there was another Dakota already parked there, air-stewardesses began to prepare passengers for departure in their knee length, button down the front, dresses.

Mulder, the slimy muscular middle aged man, was looking out of the window at the other Dakota. “I wonder why all the TriGuards are being brought here to a highly isolated regional capital city of a highly isolated region.”

Yes, Hopeville was the official capital city of the Hopelands and the largest of the handful of cities in the Hopelands. The Hopelands was made up mostly of towns, villages, hamlets and thorps along with the actual Estatefolk Estates.

Scully, attractive and a little cramped from the flight, shrugged. “It could be almost anything. The TriImperium is not into sharing information about such matters.”

The TriImperium, the government of the TripleEmpire, was not into sharing much information at all. Mulder and Scully were not of the empire but from the United Independent Citystates, the UIC, the only nation-state in the Known World with any real power compared to that of the empire. Even so the UIC was only about 10% the size of the TripleEmpire.

It was a surprise that they had been allowed to enter the empire at all, let alone to fly across it.
It had been an amazing journey, sometimes shocking and often a sharp learning experience about the true nature of the secretive empire.

Scully and Mulder had come with eight others including two bodyguards. The Special Investigation Research Intervention Organisation, the SIRIO, had wanted to have four bodyguards sent with them but the TriImperium would not have it; they were lucky to be allowed to have the two.

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EverEpic One 9.2(19)

When they exited the aeroplane, down a mobile steps, the seven SIRIO people were met by two local TriImperium Envoys wearing grey silken business suits and odd purple bowler hats. They were a man and woman; the man had a small sharp beard and thick glasses that emphasised large dark eyes while the woman had thinner glasses framed more elegantly in silver. They wore black, sharp pointed shoes.

Behind them stood four soldiers but these were no mere TriGuards but elite TriBodyguards in full body-armour suits including helmets. They were covered from head to foot unlike the TriGuards who wore fatigues covered by semi-enclosing body-armour. The TriBodyguards also had exotic energy weapons known as phaserifles along with big semiautomatic pistols. It was an open secret that the elite soldiers were genetically engineered humans whose ancestors had been created back before the Breaking of the World.

The woman bowed briefly from her waist and spoke. “We welcome you as representatives of the TriImperium Ministry of Hopelands Affairs, Department of Hopelands Security Affairs. I am Dame Sherrie Mowalken and this is my brother, Master Valin Mowalken.”

Dana Scully smiled. “We were expecting to be met by representatives from the TriImperial Paranormal and Metaphysical Institution, the TPMI.”

Truth was that the SIRIO people did not wish to become entangled in the madness that was often the internal politics of the TripleEmpire. They had been warned that there was an ancient dark conspiracy in the Hopelands, along with other such conspiracies in the empire, that might try to entangle them in TriImperial red tape, blue tape and even black tape. Red tape was bureaucracy, blue tape was law enforcement and black tape was security.

Peter Bishop smiled. The handsome youthful man had a shady past that had taken place in the UIC, the TripleEmpire and in other parts of the world. He had a canny way with TriImperial games, even the more dangerous kind. “That is the TPMI that is linked to the TriImperial High Research Development TriCouncil in TriImperiarna.”

It did not hurt to drop names, in that manner, even if TriImperiarna was a very long way away.

Dame Sherrie Mowalken gave an odd frown smile expression at Peter. “You are a very interesting individual, Peter Bishop, and an unwelcome thorn in the side of powerful TriImperial Factions. I suggest that you cease trying to be so clever.”

Master Valin Mowalken made a raspberry (noise) with his mouth and then spoke. “You are mere barbarians from beyond the TripleEmpire. What would you know of the ways of your superiors? Please depart back to the uncivilised pit that you crawled out of.”

Olivia Dunham spoke out then. “We were given the permission of the TriImperium to be here.”

The tall, thin, angular man stepped into view and stood there with an odd smile on his face. He wore a trench coat, had albino pale skin and pale white eyes, and also wore a silken button shirt and long trousers that were black. On his feet were combat boots. Behind him came six elite TriRangers, of paramilitary elite status, looking all dangerous in black body-armour suits.

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EverEpic One 9.3(20)

The tall, angular man smiled. “Captain James Jamestone of the TriRangers but in special service to the TriImperial Paranormal and Metaphysical Institution, the TPMI.” He smiled grimly at the purple hat wearing twins. “Go away! I know you have been bribed to come here and try to intimidate our friends from the UIC to go back to their homeland. Leave before I have you dragged up before the TriImperial Hopelands Adjudicators. Take your fake TriBodyguards with you. They stand wrong to be real.”

With remarkable speed the brother and sister vanished from the scene. They took the false elite soldiers with them.

Mulder spoke, clearly showing puzzlement. “Why did you just dismiss them? Surely they have broken the law.”

James responded dryly. “TriImperial ways are not like those of the United Independent Citystates, as Peter Bishop there would be able to tell you.”

There were Scully, Mulder, Peter, Walter, Olivia, Astrid, Theo, Clane, Nicole and Sancho from the UIC. Nicole and Sancho were bodyguards of a special nature but then again others in the group also had special abilities.

Peter nodded. “Trying to do anything official against Mowalken Twins would take much effort, draw too much attention and would likely end up with no real results. The Mowalken are parasitic nobility but they are true lesser nobility of the TripleEmpire and that counts for something even if it shouldn't.”

James Jamestone nodded. “Yes, you do know quite a deal about the TripleEmpire, Peter, but you still need to be careful on making assumptions. There is more to it than what you say but we will discuss that later. There are hotel rooms waiting for you to rest in. You can get room service there of more than one kind. Oh, yes, there has been another incident but this time we were unable to conceal it from the media.”

That was not good news.

Soon they were making their way to where three hybrid-electric cars were waiting to take them to the Prospero Deluxe Hotel.

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EverEpic One 10.1(21)

Samson showed Salisha, and his Aunt Sallie, all of the rest of the voucher cards that he had. “Do what you will with them for the sake of the estate.”

Sallie, who was the family accountant at the estate, started sorting through the voucher cards and as she did she let off a soft gasp of surprise. “There is great value here, for the estate. We can get the front gates fixed up, get the big old green tractor working again, buy some new clothes for the family and others living on the estate, pay off some debts, gets some toys for the children...”

Salisha nodded. “Would you like to tell us what is happening?”

They were in the family office and sitting in a corner away from the desks, the filing-cabinets and other features. Mechanical typewriters sat on two desks. They were at the hard wooden meeting table that had once been used as a small dining table. The equipment was not up to date but was reliable and did the job.

He showed them his Faterings and the two women saw the Fatedevices because he willed it to be so. If he expected them to be puzzled he was in for a surprise but somehow he expected to know at least something of what the Faterings indicated.

Salisha shook her head. “The Fategods must have their little games with us mere mortals. They establish the Fategames but it is the Gamelords who run them. Does the 'Other' speak to you? Three of your ancestors have played the Fategames, one man and two women, though there could be more than that considering some of the troubles that have taken place in this region. At least the TripleEmpire brought more peace, stability and civilised benefits.”

Samson nodded. “At a very bloody cost! The TriLegions must have butchered over two million people.”

Salisha frowned as if in dark thought. “They had good reason to do so. The Darklands were becoming a festering living hell dominated by dark cults, swarms of monsters from the Jagged Mountains, rampaging warlords and oppressive Estatefolk factions. The influences were starting to go across the TriImperial Border into the Domnilands.”

Samson nodded. “True enough but there was also the attractions of all the rich resources of the Hopelands. Still, something tells me there were more reasons for the conquest than the more obvious ones. Back to the Faterings and the Fategame, as you call it, I do not know much at all about what is going on.”

His mother nodded. “It is said that each Foremale Fateplayer is actually the same soul reborn to play his or her Fategame. We do have books in the big library that you need to look at and so we will secretly get you access to it though it will be risky to your family.”

Getting the 'hint' he passed over $10,000 in cash. The two women arched their eyes in surprise but then smiled calmly as if it was to be expected. The slightly used notes vanished with amazing speed. The two women only had to know it was available to work the money, that is until they had to pass it over to others.

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EverEpic One 10.2(22)

He had the limited ability to convert fatecredit directly into cash, of different currencies, trade-ingots of different sizes and other forms of easily used wealth. So he had converted 10,000 fatecredit into $10,000 in cash for the estate.

He had also given over another $10,000 to Rhonda Rhodes through the 'Other'.

Salisha smiled some more, eyes keen. “You might be able to do other 'things' for the family, for the estate, now that you have the Faterings. Those 'things' should benefit you also.”

Samson gave his mother a suspicious look. “Bring me a 'reasonable' amount of damaged items that would be of much greater value if regen-rejuvenated. Also bring me any people, or animals, that need special healing. Be discrete and please do not overdo it.”

Other: “Famous last words!?”

He hoped not but he had a bad feeling that he would live to regret his generous offer. The Estatefolk simply could not help being themselves and grabbing strongly at opportunities was one of their big traits.

Other: “You gained a bonus of fatecredit 10,000.”

That was his third such Fategame bonus.

Samson stood up and stretched. “I will see you at dinner. After dinner we could discuss my access to the main library and perhaps to other areas of the mansion.”

Both women smiled at him and Salisha spoke. “Of course, Samson, of course.”

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EverEpic Zero

Story Directions

*Samson dreams a terrible nightmare.

*Samson wakes with the Faterings, one on each middle finger.

*The 'Other' starts communicating with Samson.

*Samson begins to use special abilities.

*Grey envelope, of special nature, with resources of a more standard kind along with some special advise and information.

*Samson meets Rhonda Rhodes, seemingly one of his own fictional creations made real.

*Samuel Foremale, Samson's father, is horrifically murdered under mysterious circumstances.

*Investigations begin into the gruesome murder of Samuel Foremale and into others linked, or possibly linked, to the case.

*An SIRIO Team arrives from the UIC to assist in some form of investigation with the TPMI.

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EverEpic One 11.1(23)

He did some work on his latest novel, which starred Rhonda Rhodes along with her triplet sisters Rachel and Rosie. Of course it starred other main characters including a deadly female villain named Drashina Thornburn. As he finished off the chapter, he hoped that Drashina would not come into 'real existence' because she would be a hard foe to deal with.

His novels were based on a fictional region that was much like the Hopelands in many ways but larger, with more wilderness and yet with a supercity at its centre. The region was known as the Havenlands and they were far less darker, in history, than were the Hopelands (Darklands). The Estatefolk there also had less power and the government was a democratically constitutional one complete with a Bill of Rights. There were other differences. He had grave doubts that the whole of his fictional Havenlands would become 'reality'.

After that he healed a dog with a bad leg before he sat meditating for a while.

As he sat meditating, something very interesting took place. He found himself standing in a very large dome shaped chamber, a combination of many functions. It was part training area, part gymnasium, part apartment, part art studio, part library-study and much else. He noted that it was also a library, art-gallery and even had a few animals along with plants.

It felt real.

Other: “It is real! This is your Fatedomain where time passes quicker than back in the larger world. Thus you can get much more done in future. You do need to sleep, and meditate, here or you will become exhausted or even ill. You can bring items here to work on or even lifeforms but the Fatedomain has its limits in how much it can support. Those limits will expand and special features will be added.”

It was not luxurious but it was quite good and that was good enough for him. It was very unlike the environments he had grown up with, that is the mansion, the estate, the Estatelands, the countryside and the small city of Hopeville. It was very exotic and metallic except where the apex of the dome was glowing bright to light up the whole great big domechamber.

Other: “Three times as much time passes here as does in the real world. Future bonuses will give you the opportunity to make it ever faster in your Fatedomain than back in the Hopelands.”

Samson investigated the domechamber, noting holographic projections of artefacts along with solid replicas of ones. There did not seem to be any original ones. There were some amazing items that such as a genuine appearing CocoCola soft drink sign being a replica of one from the ancient times. There copies of leather bound volumes by authors such as Plato, HG Wells, Marie Shelly and quite a few others from the PreBreaking. There were big leather bound volumes being atlases of the TripleEmpire. There were displays of weapons, tools and other devices. Big wooden framed paintings were on inner panel-walls along with wall tapestries.

He studied a replica of the Mona Lisa for a short time and then played with some very furry cats before he came to a very accurate holographic 3Dmap of the Foremale Mansion and Estate. It was true he could move things to reveal areas but much was blank and to be explored.

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EverEpic One 11.2(24)

When he came to his Fatewheel it was obvious how important it was to him as a Fateplayer. It was a great, vaguely roulette like wheel. It was nine layers high with great spoke-handles used to spin it. There were many symbols that often changed.

Did he dare try to even touch it?

Other: “You have yet to gain the proper Fatedevices to be allowed to do so. An invisible force field will push you back if you try to do so now.”

He kept exploring that place and found locations that had been not so obvious, or even hidden, when he first saw the great big domechamber. A circular, gentle sloping bowl shaped pool was at the very centre of the domechamber.

There were many bare areas that were ready to be used, storage areas ready to be filled and much else of the same.

He spent one hour x three = three hours there.

He had twenty minutes of sleep to evade exhaustion when he got back to the real reality of that other plain of existence.

When he awoke from a meditation back in the mansion it was to learn that fighting had broken out to the west, far closer to the Jagged Mountains. Details were few but except that a large battle was under way with Bladeguards and TriGuards defending the Hopelands against a great horde of muties and abomibeasts.

The TripleEmpire had not been taken totally surprise, had sent reinforcements thanks to reports made by Bladeguard Scouts, but the sheer size of the enemy had still been a shock to the defenders. The defenders were outnumbers at least two to one despite local volunteers joining in the battle against the invaders.

Reinforcements were being urgently called for.

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EverEpic One 12.1(25)

The SIRIO people met with some TPMI at the big old hotel in Hopeville. They hired a large room and it was checked for bugs and other spying tricks. Guards were discretely posted and others roamed around in disguise. A CrystalMage was there, for once not bothering to be in disguise, as was the Hopeville Sheriff; he was actually more than just a sheriff.

On the big wooden table was placed a crystal orb melded into a brass base with silver and golden features. It was a CrystalMage device as inherited from the Dark Troubles following the Breaking of the World. That was after the world transformed, two new moons appeared in orbit and the star constellations changed in the night sky. New, exotic, resources had appeared with the new world though they were generally outnumbered by older type resources. The Hopelands had an unusually high proportion of such resources, especially closer to the Jagged Mountains.

CrystalMages were those who could work seemingly wonders with, and through, MageCrystals. Such trickeries worked better the more able the mage and the crystals. Most CrystalMages were of basic level, fewer were of moderate level and very few were of higher level. Yet all of the mages were found to be of high value to the TripleEmpire.

Holly Oaktor was a handsomely mature woman who wore her robes but with the hood drawn back, no mask and no gloves. She was staring into the MageGlobe intensely, trying to work out the meanings hidden in the strange patterns of energies showing in its depths.

Then, with a tired sigh, she stopped doing so and covered the MageGlobe with a thick cloth. She sat back on her cushioned wooden chair and rubbed her forehead. “The energy patterns are continuing to change in the same way with a build up of negative dimensional flux energies. Best guess is that some faction is attempting to open a transdimensional gateway to one of the darker extradimensional realms. We suspect the attempt is to open the gateway to a demonic realm. The threats are not just the gateway itself but what is being caused, as collateral damage, by the attempt to open the gateway. Smaller gateways are opening, both purposeful and wilder rifts. The Waygateways are being interfered with and the Waygates have been deactivated and locked in this region of the TripleEmpire.”

Walter Bishop's eyes sparkled with deep curiosity. “I have always wanted to investigate the Waygates, to travel through a Waygateway, but of course we could not do so to here with the local Waygates being closed.”

James Jamestone, tall and angular, responded. “About three decades ago all Waygateway travel for living entities was forbidden by TriImperial Edict from the TriImperiate itself. The TriEmperor, TriChancellor and TriBishop all were highly supportive of the edict but not much information was given out to the greater public why this was done. We, of the TPMI, were given more information but probably not all of the information. The TriImperium will always be reluctant to give away all of its secrets.”

Another man, a thick set dwarf who looked fatter than he was for he was heavy with muscles, sat on two cushions and seemed to be always daring people to laugh at his short height. He growled softly as he spoke. “People went into one Waygate normal and began to come out demoniacally possessed. Most came out still normal, less came out unwillingly possessed and fewer still came out willingly possessed or even absorbed.”

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