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Project Covert Ops


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Just an Idea :D


lie down: holding the crouch button will let you lie down, increasing accuracy with guns especially in aiming with a rifle


roll: direction button+ "roll" button will let you roll in the chosen direction


slide: since there is already a sprint mod, sprinting + pressing "roll" button will let you slide. a chance to knockdown enemies


sneak kill animation: sneak attack with bladed weapons like: knives and swords, will initiate a kill animation, stabbing the enemy at the back or slitting the throat. (especially works when enemy is 1 hit only) (like in skyrim)


ranger dog: a dog companion that has the ability to detect traps, skill books, star bottle caps, and unique weapons only, he will bark at them :)

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I just found out most of these mods are already in nexus :biggrin:, but im really hoping for sneak kill animations for melee weapons. If anyone is interested in those kind of mods pm me

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