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Absorb health from a corpse mod? For necromantic healer.


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I'm looking for any mod or even how to create my own, for a spell or preferably power, that can give the player health by "consuming" a corpse. But not like werewolf, vampire, or ring of namira style, but just magically absorb from all corpses around the player, without an animation to eat the corpse individually, without needing to be right next to it, or perhaps casting a single spell on a specific corpse target, or corpses can be converted to a healing area of effect.

Or even any spell that can kill risen corpses/thralls under the player's control, and siphon health to the player.

I'm trying to make a living death build where a necromancer can use the power of death to heal themself or others.

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you might want to try looking for a tutorial on how to create a spell with the Creation Kit , it is not an easy work , for accomplishing something so unique it will require editing and some papyrus scripting

this might help Creation Kit Tutorial (Spell Creation) - YouTube

good luck

Yeah, it will probably take scripting, since the creation kit does not offer any healing effects if the spell is to hit corpses. A little confusing as to why this would be a built-in limitation, but it is what it is.

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