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What is your fav. game character


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That's a hard question to answer. I really like Barney Calhoun's random (if sometimes a bit vulgar) remarks about situations, combat or otherwise, the Master Chief is a very cool character as well, always kicking Covenant and Flood butt, and finally, Lara Croft is the Queen of Raiding, having been revived since Angel of Darkness, and plus, she's got a nice figure. :yes:
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I remember years ago,I was with some girl,who's brother was a real gamer,had a collection at his home,and they lived together.So every time when she fell asleep,I went in the living room on her bro's comp and played Silent Hill,it was 2 and 3 as I remember.That was maybe the best story I encountered in my life,and the character of James Sunderland,it was from 2 or 3,is the best character I ever seen in games,though,I haven't seen many as I didn't played many games in my life.


So yeah,James Sunderland is number 1 :thumbsup:


Number 2 is definitely the favorite character of my little half brother,Niko Belic,from GTA game.Simply because I can understand what the guys is saying as he is a serbian just like I am,and lol,he has our temper,that is for sure.And of course,my bro likes GTA,gotta support him.:thumbsup:


For number 3,I think an introduction is in order..He is Sheogorath!The Prince!Of!Cheeeeese! :biggrin: No further explanation is needed for this character,everyone knows Sheogorath and his genius/mad persona.



Have fun :wink:



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