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Mod Request: Music Replacements for Data Bosses


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I had some ideas for music mods I was curious if anyone that is knowledgeable with KH mods or at least to give them something to consider.

Replacing Xigbar and Saix's Data Battle Themes with The 13th Dilemma from KH2.5
Replacing Luxord's Data Battle theme with The 13th Struggle from KH2.5
Replacing Larxene's Data Battle Theme with The 13th Struggle from Re:CoM or 13Th Reflection from KH2FM 2.5
Replacing Marluxia's Data Battle Theme with The 13th Reflection from KH2.5
Replacing Young Xehanort's Data Battle Theme with Dark Impetus from KHBBS
Replacing Xehanort's Data Battle Theme with A Battle of Great Valor from KHBBS
Replacing Vantias's Data Battle Theme with Enter The Darkness from KHBBS or Unbreakable Chain from KHBBS
Replacing Terranort's Data Battle Theme with Rage Awakened from KH2.5
Replacing Dark Riku's Data Battle Theme with The Force In You from Re:CoM
Replacing Xemnas's Data Battle Theme with Disappeared from KH2.5 or Darkness of the Unknown from KH2.5

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