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NPCs Will Miss


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So, back in Oblivion there was a mod "NPCs will miss" that, didn't just make archers miss 100% of the time, it based their accuracy on certain factors rather than having infallible accuracy that will never miss.


The mod is here


I've been waiting with high hopes for this to find it's way into Skyrim ever since it came out, thinking I could patiently wait, it's been a number of... years.. now....

no fallible archer mods so far..


I'd really appreciate this mod being graduated into skyrim not specifically to make it easy but rather to stop breaking me out of immersion because every smalltime thug has the accuracy of Legolas!

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I don't know if OP ever got his answer, and it has been a while since my search for the same mod led me to his thread. In fact it has been... months... since I saw his digital plea for help in this desolate waste. No one came forth to help him, save a lone bump from me. I have now returned with what I think is a reliable lead!




This is for SSE, but it is port from Oldrim, so it is indirectly the answer to his request. The problem of every bandit picking up a bow and becoming Lefolas has been solved! It is called "Difficult Archery".

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