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[Mod Request] Configurable Gravestones for PvP


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Here's the idea: when you die, certain items from your body are lootable by other players, and other items aren't. For example, I could configure it so that equippable and hotbar items can't be looted but everything else I'm carrying can.


This could take several forms:

1) All the lootable items drop onto the ground on your death, instead of being secured in your grave, and other players can't loot your grave (this sucks if you die at sea).

2) Two graves spawn when you die. One has your unlootable items and is locked from other players; the other grave has the rest of your inventory and is lootable by anyone.

3) Your grave is openable by any player, but only certain items or item types are able to be taken.


Tombstone Secure accomplishes a part of this by locking your grave from being looted, but that's all it does. Gravekeeper allows you to modify which items go to your gravestone on death, but all the undropped items stay with you rather than being dropped on the ground, which takes away any incentive to ever go back and get your body. It would be awesome if someone could make a mod that allows this function somehow. It would be awesome for a dedicated PvP server to allow consequence and reward for dying to and killing other players, without all of your gear being at risk.

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