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First time gaming on PC. Keen to try Mods out! So... here I am! ;)


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Here's the link for what you ask. Click on this >>> Cyberpunk 2077 : Or copy and paste the link in it to your browsers address bar.




Even has a link to the wiki for more about setting up and modding your own mods for the game.


Click on this link to get there. >>> https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/forum/5744-cyberpunk-2077



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You're welcome.


Since I prefer MO2 and I was barely out of dream sleep when I saw your post while I still in Auto-pilot I naturally looked for stuff related to your game and a mod organizer I know works well. Mod Organizer 2


After my noon Game time I remembered a friend of mine pointed out that there is a community for Cyperpunk 2077 gamers.


They have a mod manager too. Just in case you would like to hang out with the Cyberpunk 2077 group that build on their mod manager, help others, and if you are intrigued enough you could add some support upgrading it too for C77; here's a link to their mod tool.


Just click on this >>> Cyberpunk 2077 modding tool Wolvenkit


I've made a mess here Editing. I do that as I rise from sleep. I had to Edit a few words because I awakened more from my afternoon meal nap as I tapped away at the keys.



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The way you install mods can change a lot depending on the game and the mod itself.


Didn't the authors write anything about the way you can setup their creations?

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