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Fallout New Vegas Mod Pack

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I know I am opening a dead topic. But I was debating the same thing, but not all in one package. Merely for friends and most likely not uploading them. Hence, above he initially said for a friend. Which would not have stopped me from any of the above if for just one person.

Reason why?
Because setting up FOOK, EVE, PN, NVEC, WMX, AWOP, MoMod, MMWE together can be a huge pain in the ars! Getting the right files ect...

Just getting everything together for an easy installation is what is really needed.
That or someone to actually come out with some documentation for installing certain packages together. Especially ones mentioned above. Like what order should you install, what is installed first and whats last.

Then have a smaller rar file with basic files. Like 'Better ...' (Fill in the blank) , stutter remover ect... and other 'useful' fixes, adjustments and my personal item mods. Not god items. For just myself though.

I do this now before installing ANY large mods. I get all the files I need, put them all together, re-rar them and import to either FOMOD or NMM. Depending on the size. FOMOD dislikes very, very large files.
Its a matter of mostly combining mods that work together for the same purpose.

Since I know what 'I' want.

I do, by combing mods together:
Weapons Mods - WMX, Weapon Retexture Project, Compatibly patches, Fixes
A World of Pain - Main Files, Fixes, Compatibility patches.
Project Nevada - Left Alone
Project Nevada Plugins - Patches, Fixes, Options ect...
NVEC - Download all needed, required files updates, patches and compatibility plugins into one install.
Monster Mods - MoMod and all files 'I' want. Monster Mod Wasteland and any compatibility patches. Zombie Headshots, Slower Zombies
FOOK - All required files plus plugins and patches.
EVE - Same as above.

The pain is, what installs first. What do you not overwrite when it comes to textures ect.. who is on first :)
That's what we are lacking.

Doing it this way got me going faster to get playing again if something requires me to start over. Plus, you can not always find all the patches/fixes you need sometimes.

For me it helps keep everything organized. And with the game being pretty old and not many updates coming out, not much to worry about as far as updates. But then I would manually update the rar file with the updates and just copy paste overwrites of the updates.

But would be nice to have something like this set up with the ease of use and ease of finding what files are needed.

I think the idea is very useful for large mod packages. Standalone, simple mods can be easily downloaded installed on their own.

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