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before skyrim came out, everyone wanted to know, are there werewolfs in skyrim? and that led to everyone reading about how there where werebears and weresharks and stuff like that. well i think it would be cool if we could be a weredragon. 200 years ago martin septem turned into "akatosh" to defeat mehrunes dagon. or maybe.. he was just a weredragon? he had the blood of tiber septim (talos) who was also a dragon born. maybe the power of becoming a dragon was kept a secrate by the ancient dovakiin, and thats why no one else has ever heard of it.

well i think being able to turn into a dragon and fly would be awesome but i have no modding ability what so ever.. non.. ziltch.. nothin..
so if someone is iterested and wants to work on this mod please tell me




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here friend, I made it. however it is still in development

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