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What is a very good restore health potion recipe?

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Can we discuss alchemy recipes in the General Skyrim Discussion boards? I'll post this here in case not.

I have found some good damage health poison recipes using ingredients that respawn. I was wondering, what are some very good restore health potion recipes using ingredients you can buy and that respawn? I use blisterwort and wheat or blue mountain flower, or some other ingredients (swamp fungal pod, butterfly wing). I have some good alchemy perks and my alchemy level in in the 60s, so my healing potions recover 75 points of health. I just wonder if there are some good recipes for health potions that I don't know about.



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Wheat + Giants Toe.




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The giant's toe seems to be bugged as written here: http://www.uesp.net/...m:Giant%27s_Toe .

Blisterwort, blue mountain flower and wheat are very easy to get by harvesting or buying it from Arcadia in Whiterun. Using these potions is also far better than selling them because they won't give you much gold.




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Wheat & Blue Mountain Flower -> Fortify Health, Restore Health. (AFAIK, Blisterwort adds nothing to that mix; its a wasted ingredient)

Easy ingredients to get, and you pretty much use one less potion each time for the same effect.

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Look for ones that have more than one "helpful' benefit in your ingredients view, look for ingredients that appear in "Cure Disease" "Restore Health" and "Restore Stamina" , there is a potion you can create that does all three at once and usually sells for about 200 <-> 300 gold

Charred Skeever Hide and Vampire Dust and Eye of Sabre Cat... or Mudcrab Chitin

There is a great list here of all the ingredients plus all three of their properties

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