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How to: Making a new perk.

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So far i've been busy trying to get a new perk in the perk tree. I finally done it a few days ago and when i checked the forum again a few people asked how to do it. So i made a small quick "Guide" on how to do it. There will be (a few ) spelling faulths so i hope you can read past them. If you have anything to add or you think it's done easier then don't hesitate to let me know (all tips&tricks are welcome!).

So here i go!

Creation Kit.

How to:
Make new perks.
Version 1.0

Made by Acidcrew.


Making new perks in the perk tree of Skyrim.
It's always difficult to find out for yourself how you do things in the creation kit.
The guide's that are online never really explain in the fullest detail how those things
are done. This guide will tell you what (almost) everything is and what it does.

First of all you should think about what your perk will be. It's a lot easier if you
already know exactly what you perk does. Down here are a couple of example's:

Example 1:
A perk that will increase my damage with one handers or specificly with 1 handed

Example 2:
A perk that will do fire damage after my player landed a critical hit.

Example 3:
Adding perks that will boost up my unarmed combat.

And so on, in this guide i will be focused on 1 handed weapon perks. This is not
becuse i dislike mage types in Skyrim. It's of the simple fact that i wanted to
involve unarmed and dagger ability's in the perk tree!

Alright so you have thought about an awsome perk you want to make. The question
now is: Is your perk a passive one or not? This means if your perk just increases
the speed, the damage or your critical hit change. If you want to make a perk that
does fire damage when you do a critical hit with a one handed mace then you'll
need to do a bit more then if you just want to increase the speed of that weapon.

They are a bit different from each other. So i'll begin explaining the "Passive"
perks first.


"Passive" perks:

First of all make your Object Window as large as possible. When you make perks
you'll not need the "Render" and the "Cell View" windows.

In the Object Window go to "Actors" and then to "Perk". You'll see a lot of
perks right now. Well you see all of the perk from the game!

Now Right click in the right window and click on "New". A new screen pops up
with a lot of things you can fill in or leave blanc.

Beginning at the left upper corner:

-ID: Fill here in an ID name. This could be anything but preferable something
that has to do with the perk. This will not be shown ingame.
(Example: Armsmen00, tells you straight away its the first rank of the armsmen perk.)

-Name: Here you can fill in the name of your perk. This name WILL be shown in the
perk tree. (Example: Armsmen.)

-Trait: I don't have a clue, but leave it unchecked.
-Playable: check it, if its unchecked you cant play it.
-Hidden: Unchecked, we do want to see it ingame.

-Level: Fill in "0" (zero)
-Ranks: fill in "1" (one). Even if your perk will have multiple ranks, just fill
in "1" (one).

-Perk Icon: Leave it grey.
-Perk Discription: Here you can fill in what your perk does. This will be shown
ingame so people will read your discription and decide based on that if they'll
spend (a) point(s) in it.

-Next perk: If your perk will have multiple ranks then this is the place where
you fill in your next rank. (example: Armsmen00 (rank1) is your current perk
you are making then in "Next perk" you will select "Armsmen20" (rank 2).
At this moment you're probably making your first perk, so in this case select
"NONE". When you made your second perk for a follow up rank on this one. Then go
back to this perk and select the following rank.

-Conditions: Pretty straight forwards, what does a player need to be able to
spend point(s) in this perk. (Example: Conditions are 40 skill in one handed
and the perk armsmen00).

Right click and select "New".
For setting the minium skill required:
Condition function: Select "GetBaseActorValue".
(You'lll see a bar right to it appear that says Agression.)
Click on the right bar next to the "GetBaseActorValue" and select the skill that
is required by your perk.

On the right side you'll see "Comparison" Change this to ">=". (This means that
the skill should be equal or bigger then"
On the right side you'll see "Value" change this number to the amount of skill
that will be required to unlock this perk.
Click on "OK".

If your perk is higher in the perk tree and so you want the player to
select other perks before being able to select this perk. Right click again
and select "New". Condition function in this case is "HasPerk" Select the perk
the player needs first and leave the rest of the options as they are.

-Perk Entries: This is the place that will tell the perk what ti will do.
(example: with armsmen00 it will be told here that the damage is increased
with 20% for one handers.)

Right click in "Perk Entries" and select "New".
Rank: fill in "1" (one).
Priority: fill in "0" (zero)

Then you can select either "Quest", "Ability" and "Entry Point".
For "Passive" perks you will select "Entry Point".

For Damage increase perk:
Select: "Mod attack Damage"
Function: "Multiply value"
Value = Value* = Here you can tell how much the damage will increase.
(For 20% it's 1.20, for 50% it's 1.50, for 50% less its 0.50 etc.)

Now that is done we still have oen field open in the perk entrie.
Conditions, this is like the other one in the perk screen.
"Perk Owner" Right click and select "new".
"Condition function" "HasPerk" You can select the perk you are now making
after its completed. So click ok on this screen and the next until your
back in the Object Window - Actors - Perk. From there dubble click your
perk and go to: perk entries - conditions. Click on the right bar beside's
condition function and select this perk. click on "OK"

Well you made a new perk now! Now it's time to put it in the perk tree!
Above your toolbar there is the standard windows bar with: File, view etc.
Select the one called "Character" and then ActorValues... On the left side
you can select the perk tree were you want your perk (Type = skill).

On the right side, near the middle, click on "Perk Tree". You see the perk tree
right now in a simple version. Right click and select "Add perk".
Select the perk you made (It will be in there under the ID anme not the ingame name.)
Now drag it to the place were you want it to be (drag point is the middle grey dot in
your perk). After you've put the perk in place you can "Link" the perk to others.
This is done by clicking on a Red dot of a previous perk and drag the arrow to yours.
To link your perk with a higher perk, click on a red dot of your perk and drag it
to the perk that you want to conect.

Congratz, you have made a new perk!Attached File  making a perk guidwe.txt   6.53KB   127 downloads




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Thanks :D




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I'm probably being dense but when I create a new value (while following your guide) the box that should show the new ID name just says null and never changes... However If I go to change it stays as null...

Is this normal?




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Very nice guide dude! This was very helpful for creating my mod... Thank you very much!

Mind explaining how do we create a perk that does a special effect (like fire, ice or absorb health) on critical hits ?




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Very nice guide dude! This was very helpful for creating my mod... Thank you very much!

Mind explaining how do we create a perk that does a special effect (like fire, ice or absorb health) on critical hits ?

Atm i can't find the specificts for activating a spell on critical hits, tho i do know the specifics for a chance to deal (for example:) fire damage.

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I'm probably being dense but when I create a new value (while following your guide) the box that should show the new ID name just says null and never changes... However If I go to change it stays as null...

Is this normal?

Can you Qoute the sentence from the guide what value you mean?
(There are multiple sections were the word "Value" is being used :D)

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I want to make perks for my followers that they can only use once they get to certain levels, like they won't be able to use Custom Fit until level 12, for example. I have them set so they level up with me, but I don't want to give them a bunch of perks right off the bat so they are beasts. Any help?




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Any tips on changing already existing perks? I'm planning on changing the illusion perks animage and kindred mage to both give bonuses to overall illusion skill.




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This is all very straight forward, but do you happen to know how to create a new entry point?

I've been trying to create a GetMovement speed entry point since it does not currently exist




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When this is released, you should add it to the guide.


Get hyped?

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