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can't absorb dragon souls

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i am not able to absorb any dragon souls with my current saved game i only have 6 dragon souls that saved game. I started a new saved game to see if i could absorb the first dragon that you kill in the game and i wasn't able to absorb his soul. I used the console commands to spawn all the dragon types in the game and i couldn't absorb there souls

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LIAT - AI Packages.esp
Conjuration Fix.esp Active
Warning: Delete. Included in Unofficial Skyrim Patch 1.0+
Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp Active
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getSnowyV3.esp Active
RevampedExteriorFog.esp Active
Incompatible with: Realistic Lighting.esp
LIAT - Sounds.esp
SoS - The Dungeons.esp Active
SoS - The Wilds.esp Active
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CLARALUX - LightAdjuster - Medium Lights and Radius.esp Active
Note: Use only one LightAdjuster.
Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp Active
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UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.esp Active
CerwidenCompanion.esp Active
Requires: Skyrim 1.6.89+
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You don't get the graphical effect either, or just don't get a soul at the end of it? As with most everything else that goes wrong with Skyrim, it's some mod(s) causing the problem. I had that happen months ago after installing a bunch of mods at once. You can always give yourself a soul with the console until you get this sorted, too. You have a lot of mods that I don't use, so I don't know which could be causing this behaviour. The best strategy would be to remove mods that are designed to specifically change dragons, and see if that fixes it. If so, it should be easy enough to identify which one after that.

EDIT: I just noticed that you have SoS-Civilization. I would uninstall that immediately. The author has taken it down to address problems that it has been causing for many people. He will fix it. Check your savegames to see if they have become bloated.




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i made a bunch new saves trying to find whether the problem might be at the beggin of the game and i found a lot of bugs. There's a lot more but these kept happening in each save that i made

the gate to helgen was closed
once i made my character he was't walking with officer to the block
ctd when my characters were cut free
aldium did show up after 5 minutes

i tried making new save by typing coc riverwood while still on the main menu and i spawned a dragon and i was able to absord its soul

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The opening sequence with the cart ride and Helgen attack is very sensitive to changes made by mods. I find that it breaks all the time for me after installing new mods or upgrading to different versions of existing mods. It's actually a good test of your mod configuration to run through it regularly to make sure it still works. I've had disappearing walls and floors, npc's that don't show up, pull chains that don't work, carts that stop moving, lockups, crashes on stepping off the cart, dragon attacks while riding the cart, crashes when defining the player character, etc. There is no doubt that you have some mods interfering with the correct operation of the Helgen scenario. It may be one, or it may be a combination of mods.




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i think unofficial Skyrim Patch might be causing some these bugs the first time i installed it disappearing walls, floors and npc's but when i uninstalled it everything went back to normal but i reinstalled because it fixed a lot of things

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David Brasher

David Brasher


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DeadlyDragons.esp is thought to increase the incidence of dragon souls not being absorbed. But this is a random occurrence. Like if you had the problem really bad, you would still be able to absorb the souls of half the dragons you killed, and you would never know which dragon would be one whose soul you could absorb, and which one would not be.



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you have 5 mods that affect dragons and see what David Brasher said about DeadlyDragons. Also, You have an alternate start mod and race compatability. You are also running SOS, a known bad mod(taken down by the auther) . You have several Bash msg indicators that look like they were not adhered to.

Behemoth Dragon.esp Active
BellyachesNewDragonSpecies.esp Active
Monster Wars.esp
ASIS.esp Active

WIS iv --- presently under moderation

Advanced kill moves are Scripted. anything scripted can break your opening scenes. (as will the prostitution mod)

I did not look at the ones that didn't make sense just reading their names, but it appears some of your mods are no longer supported or out dated. a lot of what you have is not even in a reliable load order. I am not sure how to progress helping your problem. There's a lot of mods, a lot of good mods in that mix. I think you just have way to many conflicts. More then likely you had others that were removed or unchecked. Although gone, they remain in your game file as clutter. Sorry to see it like this. My suggestion at this point, would be to start a new load and insure you read thoroughly through the newer mods to see compatabilities. I know its hard to take, but that is probably the best you can hope for if you really want a good functioning game.

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i guess that's the only thing left that can help fix this bug or other bugs that i have come across

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