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CK error: Shaders\BSLightingShaderProperty.cpp

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Comment was directed to the OP.


Mine was directed to the topic (instead of starting a another new thread about the same thing).

Since this is a new page, here's the issue again :


It hasn't been fixed. I get this exact same error only since today 2013-05-13, anytime I try to load an interior cell (by clicking twice on a cell in the Cell View Window in the CK), and I don't have ENB.



EDIT: Problem has been fixed, the culprit was the ENB .dll file all along. My personal fix was a manual rename of the file before launching the CK and then renaming it back again when done. There's also a batch file written by rpgjaguar called ENB Disable for Creation kit to do this automatically for those that prefer such a method, more information about that can be found following the link.

The pop-up error says:

Line: 806


It's not related to ENB, any help or experience with this would be greatly appreciarted..

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I think I found what happened. In my case, it was after I've added body and face mods : If I load a cell without any NPC, no problem. But whenever there's an NPC, opening the container cell will throw out this message.


After reading and tapping here and there in NifSkope and other forums, it looks like that Assert error is caused by Vertex colors in some NiTriShapeData node. Original nifs have no vertex colors used in any NiTriShapeData and no vertex color properties are used in Shader flags. It could also be consequent to full path textures (which is an error, one should always truncat efile path up to the textures folder).


Thus, this problem can show itself not only with ENB, but also in many other situations involving new meshes/textures from some mod. Which means that actually, it doesn't have any impact over my mod, and I can ignore that message for my moding purposes (unless I explecitly use those "other mods" assets like nif or texture files creating this issue). Pressure going down...

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thanks for posting this.

now i know it's not a huge problem and can just contineu




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Slight Topic Necromancy there, but, seeing as it's still unclear, some infos:


=> The cause of this error is definitly not tied to any ESP out there, they might include the error, but they don't cause it.

=> The main culprits are definitly certain NIF files with a minor error (it does not cause problems ingame, only CK complains)

=> BSLightingShaderProperties created with Nifskope always cause this error for me. (Insert > Block > BSLightingShaderProperty) It never appears when I use existing vanilla nif BSLPs.


=> For those with no experience with custom models: BSLightingShaderProperty is an essential part of the .nif models Skyrim uses



In a 100% vanilla skyrim, when I enter CK, create a new object with a custom model, specific models cause this when loaded the first time. I will now start comparing every little bit of these nifs.



1. Discovered Cause: Vertex Color Option Mismatch



  • NiTriShapeData:   "Has Vertex Colors" set to "yes"
  • BSLightingShaderProperty:   "Shader Flags 2" does not have "SLSF2_Vertex_Colors" active



=> If your model should have vertex colors:

Use Nifskope and tick  SLSF2_Vertex_Colors   in the option  Shader Flags 2   in  BSLightingShaderProperty


=> If your model should NOT have vertex colors:

Use Nifskope and double-click the  yes   entry in Has Vertex Colors   in NiTriShapeData           to change it to  no


=> If you are not sure:

Do the first - unless there is an additional mistake, activating vertex colors with the default (white) colors set normally does no harm.

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