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I can run Skyrim perfectly fine but New Vegas lags horribly.

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As the title says I can run Skyrim perfectly fine on my computer, without any lagging whatsoever, and yet I get horrible lagging on New Vegas and I have no idea why. 


I run Skyrim on High Graphics, with many graphics enhancing mods such as SMIM, Skyrim HD, and some lighting ones. I play New Vegas on High also, with NMC's texture pack, Poco Bueno and Project Reality. 


I also use performance enhancing mods like 4GB New Vegas and Stutter Remover.


Does anyone have any advice. Like tweaking settings in the launch menu or anything? 


Thanks :smile:


EDIT: Sorry my bad I got it working. It was Project Reality, all I had to do was switch the Depth of Field on and off again :/

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I have the same problem, i can run skyrim and crysis 2 just fine, but new vegas lags horribly for no reason.

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I have the same problem, i can run skyrim and crysis 2 just fine, but new vegas lags horribly for no reason.

You just need to trouble shoot for FNV and not worry about what different game engines do.  There are a whole bunch of threads on here on troubleshooting.  Find one and read through it a bit.


Some start things (try one, all or none of these)

Begin with looking at your load order.  

If you have a lot of mods, disable a few.  For example, if you are doing quest/adventure mods is there any point to have them all enabled?  install them and then uninstall them as you go.

Try trouble shooting to see if there is one mod causing issues.

Consider using FNVEdit to create a compatibility patch (called a merge patch).  

Use slightly graphics lower settings .  If your video card is not up to the settings you selected then it only makes sense.  Pay particular attention to AA & AF settings as they are very taxing.

and so on...

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