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CANNOT for the life of me get rid of ammo casings + other things

bug glitch help please serious major xedit geck

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Hi all


This venture had been going on for about 4 days now and I think that my hair is starting to become gray. I have been requested by a friend to remove ammo casings and ammo types from the game. I didn't ask why but I thought that it would be an interesting experience in learning to mod + I did not see any uses for ammo casings myself. I have copied as override every ammo type and ammo casing into my plugin, disabled them, marked as inaccessible and deleted. When I went in game, they still appeared. I went back into xedit, removed ALL references that referenced the ammo casings/ammo types (as in, copied as override and removed data pertaining to ammo casings/types or outright disabled them.) I went back in game and it seemed to work after 3 days of waiting. Still, some enemies dropped ammo cases. I went back into xedit, found even more records I missed, went back in game, waited for 4 days this time and it seemed to work. That was, until I started to use merchants. Merchants such as the scavengers and Flak and Shrapnel (I am using TTW) still sold ammo casings AND ammo types! I didn't get why, since Moira NEVER sold either of those. I waited for 5 days and the scavenger had updated his inventory but STILL had ammo casings for sale and Flak DID NOT EVEN UPDATE HIS MERCHANT INVENTORY. I tried "resetinventory" on him and his container and still nothing. I tried trading with him, downloading a mod that changes when merchants restock, nothing, he still sold 10mm casings and .357 magnum hollow point rounds. I went back into xedit to make sure that I DID NOT miss ANY references and I didn't. I went into the GECK and tried making ALL of the ammo types unplayable, remove them from leveled lists and same for ammo casings (I couldn't delete them for some reason. No really, the delete button did nothing on them. Also I did make my plugin active). They STILL sold both ammo casings and ammo types. I went into xedit to see if there were any changes in my plugin and I was shocked to see that NOTHING changed. My edits to ammo types in the GECK did nothing it seems when I inspected them through xedit. Perhaps this is because of the "deleted" record flag? In any case, I did not achieve anything. What am I doing wrong? What eldritch being still makes ammo casings and types appear in-game? Why don't merchant inventories restock?


I need serious help, please. Thank you.

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Oh for surely it is Cthulhu messing with you  :devil:   hehe .


But seriously ... I think you should deal with removing inventory items during runtime.  And this is assuming you basically want to turn all ammo into 1 generic bullet form for all weapons to use ???

Something like this for containers/actor inventory ... and might have to make a separate section for vendors with merchant containers .

But anyways ... running a quest script set to fastest processing ... which I think is .1 seconds ?   Sorry I can't test this because I don't have JIP which adds "GetMenuTargetRef" function .



SCN MyAmmoSwapScript


Short GotRef     ; a doOnce var/stages that resets in gamemode

Int iCount           ;  the amount to give back in generic ammo

Ref rContainer    ; for getting the container reference



Begin MenuMode 1008   ; this may not work for merchant containers ?


    If GotRef == 3             ;  these run backwards to get the ammo swap done quicker

       rContainer.RemoveAllTypedItems 0 0 41 MyGenericAmmo  ; removes all ammo except your new ammo

       Set GotRef to 4

   elseIf GotRef == 2

       rContainer.AddItem MyGenericAmmo iCount  ;  this is the ID of the generic ammo that every gun will use.

       Set GotRef to 3

   elseif GotRef == 1

       Set iCount to rContainer.GetItemCount MyAmmoList   ;  make a list with all ammo in it , use its ID there.

       Set GotRef to 2     

  Elseif GotRef == 0           

       Set rContainer to GetMenuTargetRef 1008  ; this also place to change for merchant container ?

       Set GotRef to 1



  ;need many more endif ???  can't remember



Begin GameMode


   If GotRef != 0      

     Set GotRef to 0






Well hopefully that will get you started for the Ammo portion in containers .   As far as casings go ... same thing can be done for them in containers/inventory ... but I think you want to edit all weapons on the Art/sound tab ... remove the casing model it points to so it looks like one of the energy weapons.  And I think that is easily done by hitting edit , then cancel on that pop up ... which should show nothing in the model path anymore ... then hit OK at bottom of weapon ... save file.

And then also you need to set every weapon to use your new ammo.


Let me know if have more questions .

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