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  1. you know this is not paga ,,, when did he die ?
  2. Is this Alex2avs ,,, why have you stolen my dead buddies name ? Which now I ban you Alex for doing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am not liking this shiot at all !!! I',m talkin to that manager about it . About why you have Paga;s account , cuz you sure as hell aint Pagafyr
  3. Is this Alex2avs ,,, why have you stolen my dead buddies name ? Which now I ban you Alex for doing
  4. Muhaha , ergg you know ??
  5. There is no banning you becauwse you have been here so F'ing Long . But it is nice that you are here Sorta like an old throw rug .
  6. I'll give you a clue ... It is a " Hotel" So what is the name of the "Hotel" Now you can prove you are Paga , and not a reincarnation . Or even if reincarnating ... you the hell know what the fook you are talking about . . . no /?
  7. Hehe here we are pretending this post isn't 2 years old ? Or is it , I'm not good with the math and worldy goings ons . How did you use a black square as your moniker for so long ? But now you back to that pic you drew a long time ago ... which is beutiful ... how dare you black it out !
  8. Hit , I only watch independent movies on the small screen , hence block busters for the big screen. The next person will have said something off topic about pizza in the past .
  9. And sometimes the objects need some linking . . . go to it and select the .nif ?
  10. Gama World : The world heavily radiated by gama rays , so that life has become mutated . And your character has some sorts of mutations. But the map is always a hexagon . . . I think it was ? I remember my enviro car ... but had a different meaning than being friendly with the environment . Just a way to sound high tech back then . Who else played Gama world ? Which honestly I was never that well versed with it . But I then made my own version of it called "The World of Grog" Sorta like the sleestack I guess
  11. That is awesome to hear The many years you have invested are apparent in the product . I'm glad you have found your release point . Can I still get your druid influence in my mod ?
  12. But in short , without an address , a .nif cannot exist with which to apply a texture that you can see . Also it may be located out of your view . Hence a properly formatted object to the players view , maybe required if the .nifs you have are not working /
  13. Isn't it simply that you make a .nif No matter the textures applied ? And I guess a .nif requires some spacial orientation information ?
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