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Real Raytracing for SkyrimSE

skyrim special edition raytracing rtx light enb reshade shader

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Hi there,

I recently started research on raytracing in skyrim. The only thing out there (as it seems) is Marty McFly'S Raytracing Global Illumination (RTGI). Several months/years ago I already heard about it, but I hadn't the time to further research, but i catched up now.

So in my understanding it is unfortunately just able to use screen space information (as it relies on Reshade, which is a only-post-processing(!) framework, with a strong focus on wide compatibility).

(This results in light flashing&disappearing when a light source is not visible on the screen (e.g. behind the back or sidewise of the player -> turning the cam/view a bit leads to illumination of the previously dark(er) space)


Thinking (or dreaming^^) about a new implementation/framework of raytracing for SkyrimSE/AE, there would be 2 options as a basis: ReShade or ENB.

Comparing to ReShade, ENB has a more specific/optimized approach (regarding Skyrim(SE) - there are also the 'general' versions for not explicitly adjusted games). Furthermore there may be already some points to tie in with for catching geometry information from the game ('preprocessing')(?)

(From my understanding ENB delivers much more options/features - and also not only post-processing options when it comes to Skyrim)


see https://www.youtube....h?v=ZOPgXRZSvzQ (RTGI)

see https://www.youtube....h?v=93_2NekAgPA (differences how ENB and Reshade work)



So concerning SkyrimSE&Raytracing, wouldn't it be a better approach to create something that uses ENB? Creating a framework that provides access to the engine/game geometry (or using/modifing an alredy existing one)?

And then raytracing shaders, that make use of those informations, which would eliminate/bypass the problems of the Reshade version?

(I'm not talking about RTGI here, as I know, that this one has a different aim -> wide compatibility & ReShade... I'm aiming at the (current fictional) new implementation/framework for raytracing specifically for SkyrimSE/AE)



Let me hear what you know or think about it.




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