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Some smaller issues I can live with but...


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I am an oldie but still have a lot of stuff to learn. I played TES since 1996 and started with modding 2004 at Canadian Ice's old forum, learned how to make stuff together with Qarl (our mentor R.I.P), AlienSlof and many other talented modders in our community, Canadian Ice was a very very good host and modder that took care of us all, with a steady fist. Oblivion is my main game for modding and playing and I play Skyrim at weekends 2 days a week.


I make this initial post because I have problems making new threads time to time and I make it short before I type more.


Current Char  :D  (That armor is now available for oblivion as well)


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So far, so good  :smile:   So what is my tiny issues?  Where is my mod list? I forgot to copy my list and I play Skyrim else where, not in the flat where I am now, my GF's flat. I play Skyrim in MY flat, 30 min car ride from here. Diesel is expensive now. 30 km?  :wink:  yeapp.
My game
The new game I am playing is based on loads of fun mods and here is a short list:

  • SKSE 1.5.97  - 2.0.20
  • Complete Alchemy and Food Overhaul
  • Complete Smithing overhaul
  • Campfire
  • Frostfall
  • Hunting in Skyrim
  • Hunterborn
  • Enginefixes
  • SkyUI 5.2
  • SkyUI Helper MCM
  • Wider SkyUI op1 
  • Cats of Skyrim
  • A tiny doggie called Gladys
  • High Poly head and stuff belonging to it
  • Blackthorn, building it now, slowly but steady. So fun mod
  • Wearable Lanterns
  • Lanterns II
  • Missives
  • Clean textures (fastest Texture OH I guess)
  • Extra Charts and Ferries
  • Alternative Deaths
  • Legacy of the DragonBorn
  • Helgen Rebuilt
  • Alternative Starts

Well I can make a longer list but I guess those above do not work best together. I think I did read at one description that SkyUI will not work properly with this setup but I like my current setup anyway. 
Problems or small issues:

  • I cannot access SkyUI config
  • I can only move 1 item in a time, no stack option. (Could maybe be added in an ini somewhere as a workaround?)
  • Sack of Wheat not visible from cooking tools.

Cooking and baking
I make Sacks of Floor but when I try to bake or cook, no matter what, not even snacks for my cats I cannot use the flour as it is greyed out. It does not matter if I have 30 stacks of flour or 3000 Sacks of Flour.
I cannot add item xx003538 to my game.

player.additem 00003538 1   ; Fails

Stacks and SkyUI
I can move a single item in a time. That's it. No options for moving stacks if the stack is over 5 items, which is default setting usually.
Current game play.
I am very pleased with the mods I am running and I have fun, no doubt. Any help with these tiny issues would be appreciated, specially as I wanna bake bread and cat snacks but I can live without it as there are so many other options anyway. I try to avoid having big stacks in my inventory at the moment, to be able to move stuff around if needed. If anyone are able to give some tips I would be very very happy. If you want my complete mod list, I can post it in 8 days, next Monday. Patience is a virtue I heard...  :wink:    8 days and counting.  :D
I go and mod my Oblivion now.  TES ROCKS FOREVER    :D
Sometimes, odd and fun stuff happens. I like when I cannot predict what will happen next. So fun!!!  :wink:
Fun bonus. I did had some problems with raining in doors 1.5 years ago. Raining in my Display Room?  Yes!!   Water, well no, not really. The horse was easy to solve, this was not. Not a problem any longer. The leaking roof is now fixed and solid. The weapons too. FPS 5 times higher at least now as well.

Display Rooms in Oblivion are not as reliable as they are in Skyrim. Still very fun to have, no doubt. I love Legacy of the Dragonborn. Let's watch the old raining issue.

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More known mods installed

  • Papyrus
  • Vokrii perks
  • Wildcat
  • Immersive Citizens
  • Immersive Armor and Weapons
  • Unofficial Patch - Latest one



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I just noticed I had not DL:ed this one: Campfire & Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update

I will test it next weekend, in 5 days. That is when I get access to my game comp - Thursday evening. I do think it should fix something at least  :wink:


So many mods - It is overwhelming. We must keep our tongue in the right mouth, which is something we usually say around here.

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