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  1. Problem solved. It was a plot that had updated and the beds was still there... ************************ I have posted this in the SS2 forum 2 days ago and I do not think anyone there are able to help me but I cannot be alone with this issue? Workshop UI claims I have 30 beds in Sanctuary but I did count them and they and I got 22 and SS2 Settlers UI claims there are 21 beds. Does anyone knows if there is a fix for this or if it is a common problem or locally for me this play-through? I have never really checked this, but I added beds for every settler and they kept coming, no wonder with all "extra" beds available, well not. Soon I need to turn of the recruiting beacon. Screenshots at this thread in the SS2 forum.
  2. Thanks SonAnima. It seems to work great. Now comes the boring stuff though, reapplying all materials and textures...
  3. I did try the PyNifly Blender export addon https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/52319 and the export did look okay in Nifskope but when I added the mesh to CS, it did look like this and it does not matter if I take the mesh through Nifskope or import the pure Blender export into CS but the later do look more terrible: Does anyone have any tips, something I did forget to do in Blender?
  4. It was the path that was incorrect. I forgot about placing architecure inside Meshes.
  5. I made a separate clean roof from a model in prewar Sanctuary and I cannot choose it as the directory is invalid. Do we need Invalidation in Fallout 4? I thought we only needed it in Oblivion and Fallout 3? Or what am I missing? Anything I should add into my config files?
  6. Solved. All autolooting was disabled default.
  7. I do think this is a mod conflict but has anyone here tested Auto-Loot or Lootman as I do not get any of them to loot anything? I do guess it is SS2 or Loot Detector that cause this issue and I will not uninstall SS2 and I did try to uninstall Loot-Detector. Both those mods alter the loot, well make them to glow and if I use the console at all stuff that is supposed to be looted, they all have the correct reference and object numbers. I did made something similar for Oblivion but I do not get CK to work as I have the GOG version. otherwise I had most likely solved this myself really. Auto-Loot do have a debug function but to see what happens if I get close to items, do not pop up in the console. Auto-Loot Documentation Auto Loot offsite DL My modlist: The loadorder is otherwise made with LOOT.
  8. Which mod did work with 1.10.138 and not with 1.10.163? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/2451 1E Crafting Workbench.esp 1F Crafting Workbenches - Junk Items.esp 20 Crafting Workbenches - Ammo.esp 21 Crafting Workbenches - Power Armor.esp 22 Crafting Workbenches - Ammo Special.esp 23 Crafting Workbenches - Faction and Quest Requirements.esp 24 Crafting Workbenches - Pre War and Manufactured.esp LOOT reported them as old and that there was a new release. That new release pointed at an even newer release. So a 3 leveled rocket... https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/17849 points to https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/72068
  9. Problem solved with LOOT and upgrading some mods. The thing is that when new versions of a mod is added at a new page, the old version is still out there and honestly, those should be deleted and flushed really. Good LOOT keeps track of such things
  10. Edit: Problem Solved. I installed Loot and updated a lot of mods and cleaned some with dirty ones with F4Edit. Finally. Hello. My first post here at the Fallout 4 community. I am an oldy, played Beth games since 95-96 and I am a modder as well, made my first around 2005 for Morrowind. I do know that I should uninstall mods to find the cause of my issue but before I do that, lets see if anyone here will be able to solve this issue and know what is causing this conflict? Everything worked fine before I upgraded the game from 1.10.138 (i think it was 138) to 1.10.163 and I also started a new game as I got some odd issues with the Workshop framework and uninstalling it is not an option. After the upgrade and a new game, I CTD when I try to enter the Power Armor workbench and a slight guess is that it is caused of the animation in some way. I did uninstall a lot of body and skeleton mods yesterday but it did not help any. But here is my list: The thing is that what I changed after the upgrade of the game was to skip Settlemenets 1 and install Settlements 2.
  11. That starts to be a problem for Starfield. All make small mods and the modlist increases fast. I have 150 tiny mods installed now and that will not make much space over for much more if the limit still is 255 mods. A lot of them will need to be merged. One way to come around it easy is to make a new game after CK gets released and really take a peek at all the small mods, do I need this? Could it be added to a project? I did contact loads of authors for my Oblivion project, and got a lot of others stuff implemented and I added them to my contribute list and I made sure of that nothing I added would conflict with the original stuff. I bet this could be a mission for the project leader, to contact the authors of the small quality mods direct. Not all modders are reading nor writing in forums so they need to be contacted directly with PMs, and questions about permissions should not be done in public anyway, as I never done that myself, only in PMs and then the author can give their proper and honest answer. So far, not a single one said no, well one did wen I think about it. Then I added the possibility to add his mod as an dependent, which they did like and a big part of my project needed that dependency, on the surroundings of the garden. The dependency was optional, a separate mod included and the gardens surroundings worked perfect with and without it... One thing to think about is that if others small stuff is implemented, we have to make sure we will be able to support any issues with it.... It is easy to make mod packs and who is responsible for the support if something in the package is causing issues? The original author or the one releasing the mod pack? This was a big problem in Oblivion, which was extremely sencible for some modded stuff and could break easy if we where not careful and a lot of players did release mods called Better this and Better that and when someone release something with that name included, The Better mod, this is the best mod made, I will not install it for sure. If something did break my Oblivion when i picked it up again it was mods called better this. We also debated this at the Oblivion forum and all modders there agreed and also warned about using mod packs with no clear support.
  12. I just saw something new, that I never seen before, and I wanna figure out how it was done for sure. Maybe this is something we or anyone could take a peek at in a project like this? But it will require a solid story is added about every NPC that would be included. The AI is looking up stuff at the web on the fly. I do think we will see more like this in the future really. There is a lot of info about each NPC in all TES games at UESP and I am not sure Starfield is ready for this, not yet maybe? Well, if this can be implemented, it will make the game or any game to feel more alive for sure. As far as I have seen, not a single WIKI about Starfield is close to UESP, and as so many WIKI is made, it is a bit hard to choose one to use really. If you know a good one, well a link would not hurt. Here is a couple of videos from that author and they only have a single mod made, which I do think is a bit odd, really. I will not speculate further why... I do wanna contact that author and maybe there is info about how it was done in the Skyrim forum? I guess other modders wanna know how to make similar for sure. It would also be possible to backtrace that project as well, I guess.... Best way to learn how to make stuff, is to peek at how other modders/devs solved stuff. Channel Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@art_from_the_machine Account here: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/users/185078967?tab=user+files Thread at the DL page, 500+ messages: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/98631?tab=posts I could have made a separate thread about his, but for the moment I add it here...
  13. If my ideas will fit into the project, count me in as well. But I do have limited time until June as I am a CG Student (2D and 3D) and we get new stuff to make every day. But between June to September, I will have a lot of fee time to spare. I started to mod Beth games 2004 and was mentioned in a video of the best 10 dungeons for Morrowind 2017 and I tend to make bigger projects than many smaller ones. Peek here and he do complain a lot of bugs in my mod but I fixed them 2020 and released it again The Caldera Ancient mine took 2 years to make and was released a week before Oblivion was released. Another big project that took 2 years to make is the Legacy of the Champion, Oblivion, which is influenced by the best Skyrim mod ever made which I think is the legacy of the Dragonborn. It is not only a house mod but a faction mod, with 60-65 quests so far and the house is loaded with scripts and has its own store for weapons, armor, spells and everything that I need as a player. The house also has some unique stuff I never seen elsewhere as when I get odd ideas, I sure implement them and some where extremely hard to implement but I seldom give up. i did had a lot of help from the community when I could not implement some crazy ideas. Oblivion is so easy to mod, compared to Skyrim and Starfield will not be easier to mod. Well in between i made a lot of small projects but rarely uploaded them to Nexus as we used other sites 15-20 years ago, which are gone now, so a lot of cool stuff is gone forever, not only my stuff but also a lot of high quality stuff that other made as well. Starfield? What i wanna make in Starfield is a similar mod to the Champion mod, or rather the Legacy mods, a museum where the player collect stuff that gets displayed in the house/museum. As all meshes in the house is either resources or made by myself, I plan to port them all to Starfield more or less. Will a hobbit house fit? I do not know as it is a shell anyway and could be changed to anything but something wooden I think at least. What is more important is the inside, that is bigger than the outside and go underground, towards Anvil and under the road you see in the video. Making factions and stories? That's the harder part, making up stories that will fit. In Oblivion it was easy and maybe it will later in Starfield? I do not know. So I think I will put the main base at a shoreline, maybe in a cell at the Jamison planet and have a garden there and no resources and portals to other bases where production takes place. Quests will be added to build the museum but I will not put 2 years to make a single dungeon, no way, as I had enough of that 2006. In Oblivion I added stuff to 60 dungeons with scripts, to avoid any form of conflicts, and that was low life poiintless dungeons anyway and the sewers under Cyrodiil, that are questless to 80%. Avoiding conflicts is something every modder must or should take in consideration and the best way of doing that is to use unique cells and make unique stuff and not edit any landscapes. The area where the house is, and the bases, are avoidable but the good side of the way Starfield planets works, is that it is 1 chance in a million modders will edit the same cells, if they stay outside the city cells and attractive cells. If i release this as a single modder or in a project, does not matter really. I am used to being a part of projects and teamworking, so it is nothing new to me. What i do know, a project like this has no end. Look at the Legacy of the Dragonborn, which not only support the Skyrim original stuff as it also supports a lot of other modders stuff, it is a mod that glue the whole community together. If I recall right, it has support for over 50 other mods and modders as they all get their own spot inside the museum if they ask for it or if they are asked by the author as well. There is no limit of what can be made for sure. The only limit is our own imagination. It also has its own WIKI. Damn time flies, 20 years this year as a modder... What will i be able to make? Well anything or everything. Edit stuff with CK and Xedit 3D , not only in Blender as I learn to use loads of different apps in school. NifSkope as well. 2D, textures, gimp, PS and now also in Substance. Scripting. Well I do like Oblivion scripting and I did some Papyrus stuff in the few mods I released for Skyrim but I have a lot to learn about Papyrus, and it is mainly about how to define stuff that is my biggest problem. We do a lot of animations in school, well that is what we are focusing at right now, so lets see how easy that will be to implement in Starfield? Nothing is impossible... Between 2006-2008 I was part of a lot of community projects for Oblivion but they are all gone, some got saved by other players and uploaded to Nexus, which was good as I did find some of my stuff there that i missed when I restarted to mod Oblivion again 2020. /Pekka.
  14. Yes... I have been trying to figure out what to play while waiting for the DLC. I took a peek at the No mans Space and it seems cool but I have never played Fallout, as I focused at TES so i will try Fallout 4. All say Lost Vegas is better but I start with F4 and I can always play the other later... I read a comment about the mod releases decreased from 1000 a week to 100 and no wonder as when it comes to the types of mods, ships, weapons, armor and building bases, what more is there to add right now without CK? What we lack is new factions and new quests and dungeons. I do bet new dungeon objects, meshes/textures will come with the DLC as that always have been the tradidtion with every DLC Beth has released, and then we have something new to explore and new monsters hopefully. My guess is that a majority of the quest/dungeon mods that then will pop up will have a lot of content from the new DLC.
  15. I have not followed the debate here much but in the middle of NG+, I start to get a bit bored of the game. Maybe some cool faction/quest mods in the future might make the game fun again? The thing is, good quest mods will not be sen until months after the CK is released as that is something that cant be made over night for sure. A good thing with the generation of cells when we land at a random spot on a planet and a moon is that the risk for conflicts between mods will be small, well as long as not many add stuff in the cities, so that is an advantage. Most conflicts or glitches shows up when 2 modders changes the landscape within the same cell mostly or edit the same itemlists without pointing at Wrye bash patch ability. What the game lack compared to any TES game is a variety of monsters and cool monster dungeons. The wildlife is the same at all planets, both animals and plants and all planets with life looks the same and all moons without life looks the same. Surveying a planet is extremely boring and I did install the mod that allows you to scan a single target to make a scan 100% a few days ago but still, it is boring. Fighting in the same type of stations/facilities for the 20th time is boring. The caves are to small and, smaller than the Morrowind caves mostly, and mostly contains dead critters anyway, are pointless. I did plan to make a similar mod to the legacy mods and add quests and use the generic stations/bases for some quests but I am not sure that is a good idea. Well building a museum/cool base is something i still plan to do, but I do think I have to rethink how to make the quests really. In oblivion, I did use all those dungeons that did not have quests related to them, well those boring dungeons containing low life creatures, those that was more or less pointless to visit at all and I think it was 60-65 dungeons if I recall correctly, the Cyrodiil sewers included for the mod, the legacy of the Champion, but I doubt I can make it better in Starfield really right now. Who here would like to visit any of these stations again, no matter if I manage to add quest items to them or not? Making cool dungeons is extremely tideous and the biggest one I made took 2 years to make with lots of pauses and breaks for other stuff, the Ancient Caldera Mine for Morrowind, but maybe something like that is needed to make any questmod appealing? No matter what, the game needs more creatures, more monsters, even Morrowind and Daggerfall was more diverse, well when it comes to the variety of monsters at least. Maybe more monsters could be added later by the community? What I do think is that a lot of work from the modding community will be required to make this game funnier to play really but lets see what new content will show up in the first DLC? How much editing will be needed to make any new cell to look good or unique really later after we get CK? I do wonder right now if it will be worth it at all? Will I have the time? Maybe during the summer as I am a CG student and I am stalling the current projects I have to make with all types of Graphic tools, both 2D and 3D, so I should not touch CK if it gets released not until June at least... Is it fun to be a CG student? Well not as we get new peojects and new stuff to make every day, so if each step or assignment it is not completed right away, the same day, they will never be, i guess. There is no chance to relax and we cannot postphone anyhting, and do it later, as that will most likely never happen. Well i better stop typing and make some animations instead,. making a ocean floor right now with fishes and crabs and stuff like that in Blender, which is fun, but still, time consuming. I do guess I am not alone in this situation? I do have more time over in 1.5 years from now, maybe... It is a shame that it takes so long time to make a cool mod really, both with cool and fun story, good looking, unique and that it lasts for more than an hour? Both my 2 favorite mod projects, took 2 years each to complete, but 1 of them is far from completed anyway... My guess is that CK will not be released until the first DLC pops up, as when it does, then full nod support will be a requirement. Well, to sum up: Any TES game is funnier and more diverse than Starfield. I do like the towns, as they are awesome, but that's it. I did like the stations/factories/lab facilities from start, as long as they felt new, but not any longer. I do get the same feeling about some dungeons in Skyrim as well, after visited them 20 times from the repeatable quests you get in the taverns.... Specially one on the east side, above Riften, well NE of Riften, that I most likely visited 50 times. I will play other games from now on until CK or a DLC pops up and honestly, I guess there must be a lot of funnier games to play right now, doesn't it?
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