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Remap 'Take All' / 'Exit' keys

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As a left-handed player, I use the keypad for everything (8426 for movement, 5 for activate, Enter for jump, / for reload, + for pipboy, etc.).  For me, playing a game with WASD is as natural as playing with my toes and elbows...


Fallout 3 has custom key mapping except for the 'Take All = A' and 'Exit = E' functions.  Seems small, but every time I loot a container (which is more common in FO3 than combat), I have to go from using hotkeys to clicking on the function, or reaching over for the A/E keys.  Skyrim lets you map those functions, but FO3 does not and it's surprisingly frustrating.


I don't know how difficult it would be to make the Take All and Exit container functions custom-mappable, but I sure would love to see it.  If that's too complex, than a hardcoded mod to remap Take All to keypad asterisk and Exit to keypad minus would suit me personally - though I'm sure other left-handed players would map them to other keys.


Statistically, at least a tenth of all PC gamers are left-handed - shame on developers that only allow WASD or don't allow the keypad to be re-mapped!




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Look into AutoHotkey, there's easy ways to remap keys for games that fail to provide the option.


Also way easier than writing a mod. 


I agree it's not the right kind of solution (it should just be included in vanilla) but it's probably your best option. 




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As a left handed gamer I agree 100%. I too play on the num pad and I soon hope to buy a game pad and just use a kep mapper for that. For now I will just key map two keys, (maybe page up and page down) for A and E.

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