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Howdy Nexus:


I am a bit new to the whole idea of a forum, so let me first say: If I have posted this in the wrong place, please let me know. I ask because this is less a question about Skyrim Mods, and more about a possible addition to the Nexus website. Or if I have made any other blunders in my internet community noobishness, let me know. I am always willing to learn.

With that out of the way... The point of this post:



--- Comment Tracking Anchors ---



I have over the past few months been much more vocal here on the Nexus, mostly commenting on pictures, or mod pages with my thoughts. At first it was fairly easy to remember what I had posted where, and so I could easily go back and check to see if any replies had been made to it. Or, I made a comment that was rhetorical and so had no interest in going back to see if a reply had been made.



Now however, I might make 20+ comments in one day on a wide variety of pictures or mods. So my problem is that there seems to be no good way to keep up with those comments, except by remembering where they are. It is entirely possible that I am blind, and the Nexus already has a system in place for this, if so, let me know. So I end up spending quite a bit of time tracking those particular images down in order to find my comments to see if anyone replied. Or on a mod page, sometimes the forum is blowing up and my comment will simply get lost among them all, and it takes some time to find it again.



I propose that a good way to resolve the issue of my forgetfulness (and hopefully enhance the Nexus as a whole) is to have a little anchor icon next to the Reply | Edit buttons called "Anchor" or "Follow" or something of the sort. The intent being there be an easy way to add a comment to a watch list that would give me update notifications similar to the Notifications and Messages that are already in place.

As a side note, if this were implemented it would be good to also add the option to remove the anchor, so you don't get notifications about stuff that no longer interests you. Similarly perhaps there could be some settings on each users profile page for "Anchor Expiration Time" with a drop down box giving options like "Delete Anchors after X days/months."


--- ----------------------------------------- ---



This is me just throwing ideas into the internet, so take it for what you will and feel free to leave your thoughts or suggestions. Also, if you found this post easy to read/comprehend (read=visual, comprehend=understand) or not, let me know. I always appreciate a mod page that is well laid out, so I want to follow suit.




I whipped up two little examples of what I imagine this looking like.

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I hope this doesn't sound patronizing but have you used the 'My Content' and 'Content I Follow' options?

They are on the drop down menu which appears when you click on your name in the top left corner of the forum pages. 



There is also the 'Follow this Topic' button on the top right when you are reading a thread.

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I always just go to my content and use that as a means to see if anyone has replied to threads which are important to me.

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