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Need help with small armor script

script properties

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Hi guys,


I feel stupid, I've been trying to write a simple script to get my character to unequip his helmet before he performs some action, but I've been stuck with a dumb question: I can't find the right type of property to attach to generic helmets. Here's how it goes:

keyword property ArmorHelmet auto
armor Helmet

Event OnActivate(ObjectReference akActionRef)

	If Game.GetPlayer().isEquipped(Helmet)
		Game.GetPlayer().UnequipItem(Helmet, false, true)


It compiles but of course it does not work... I get a "none" log error when the script runs. I've also tried using "HasKeyword(ArmorHelmet)" and Formlist property, doesn't work either but I don't get errors.


I'm trying not to use skse scripts here, only Vanilla settings. I can get a 200 lines script working fine and cannot get this simple one right - damn frustrating!!!


Can any of you point to me what's wrong here?


Thanks :)


PS. And sorry for the quote up here, I can't remember how to post scripts with all the pretty colors... sigh, bad day...





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Ahem... anybody?

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