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  1. Well the thing is you need script fragments are the easiest way to advance quest stages - of course, you can also advance stages by using the "SetStage" function when some object is activated, like read a book for instance, by attaching a simple script to a custom book, like: Quest Property MyQuest Auto AutoState Unread Event onRead() If MyQuest.GetStage() == 10 MyQuest.SetStage(20) GoToState(Done) EndIf EndEvent EndState State Done EndState But doing it this way may return false on occasions - take a look at the discussion tab of that CK page about that: https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=SetCurrentStageID_-_Quest. Can't say if it's reliable or not to try and advance a quest this way, personally I've never done it and woudn't try it (quests are buggy enough as it is ;)) Other than dialogues, forcing actors to do do something, creating scenes, making sure the player does things in the proper order, collects everything, kills the boss, etc., the main advantage of quest is they stay in your logs so you can keep track of your progress, know where it starts and when you're finished. If you're 100% sure you don't need any of that, you could always try to script objectReferences to get your quest progressing. But you may find out it's going to be a little bit more complex than you expected, if only to make sure that your quest progresses as expected and your objects, triggerboxes or activators don't get activated several times. I've done this in one of my mods which is a playerhouse (Clearsky Hideout) - hundreds of objects to activate in there which trigger or enable other stuff in series: objects to build, hidden room or containers to discover, mysteries to solve, etc... Heck, even finding the key was a puzzle!.. It ended up being so complicated building it that I had to write a "walkthrough" which even I use now when I play it years later!.. It probably would have been less fun using quests, but it undoubtedly would have been easier to script. The only reason I could do without any quest at all is it did not matter in which order you advanced, I did not need dialogues or scenes, there was no boss and it was obvious when you had reached your goal. But then again, I never tried to create a quest AND avoid fragments.
  2. Honestly, take a look at DarkFox127's YouTube's channel, he's very good at teaching you the CK step by step: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtYB2iX9_52X_DNtSIJXyWg You can also check Doughamil's videos:
  3. The Skyrim LE CK won't do that. Really? I coud have sworn I did it several times creating extensions to my own mods in my oldRim CK - but I'll take your word against mine anytime, IsharaMeradin :) Thanks for correcting me! @ myrrhmyrrh: sorry if I've misleading you in any way, that was an honest mistake, but a mistake nonetheless.
  4. Don't do that with Xedit, load your required .esp in the CK, create your mod, save it and the CK will automatically make the first one a requirement for your mod to load. The CK is actually much easier to deal with than Xedit if you're new at all this.
  5. Nope it can't - a reference is a variable, and all namings need to be completely unique or else the game will never know which is which!.. Within a script though, as long as it's not a property you can rename it whatever you want provided you don't use the same "MyVar" name for 2 different references. Keep in mind it's just a renaming convenience which may spare you to always have to repeat "Galadriel_TestA.GetActorReference()" whenever you want that ReferenceAlias to do something. Stating "MyVar = Galadriel_TestA.GetActorReference()" at the beginning of a script is like telling Papyrus "now whenever I type 'MyVar', we'll both be talking about the same reference". It keeps things tidier in long scripts. But anyway, with the many modders out here, the best way to ensure that all your namings are completely unique is to create your personal naming system. Using your name is a good way to do that. For instance, I prefix all my .esp's and custom folders with "Hoamaii-Something" (then my SleepingBags become "Hoamaii_SleepingBags" for instance, which ensures it cannot be overwritten by some other "sleepingBags" esp's). And in the CK, I also prefix all my forms and refs with an "_H" followed by 2 other letters to remind me which mod that is attached to. All forms and refs for my sleepingBags are prefixed with "_HSB_" (for "Hoamaii Sleeping Bags") followed by whatever describes best the related form, ref, script, quest, spell, armor, etc. DarkFox127 prefixes his with "DF127_". We all do that, it helps a lot finding our mods' assets more easily in the CK. Start now, it's a good habit to take!.. ;) Have fun!
  6. It's a bit of a blind hunt in the quest tab, I'll admit, not easy to figure out which quest does what in the CK... Becoming Thane and buying houses are named "Favor" followed by a number. "Favor253" for instance is making you Thane of Whiterun and letting you buy Breezehome, giving you the key to access it and enabling Lydia and her guestroom's furniture. That will trigger the "HousePurchase" quest - and if you take a look at that one, you'll find that "WhiterunDoor" for instance is a ReferenceAlias there, with a script attached to it that completes Breezehome's purchase "onActivate(...)". So to answer your question, yeah, that's a script, not attached to the door itself, but to its ReferenceAlias in the related quest. And the message you receive when you first enter Breezehome is the "SetObjectiveDisplayed" in the fragment script in Quest stage 10. It all sounds a bit intimidating at first trying to understand how quests are built but there are lots of great tutorials available - try watching Darkfox127's youTube series - he's here on the Nexus and his videos are really great to help you get more familiar with how the game works and how to mod it. But if you're thinking of creating a custom house, you really don't need quests for that... Good luck! :)
  7. Oooh... thanks a lot for the heads up, Max!.. I guess I'll be testing my textures the old fashion way then: exit game, change my textures in the date folder, reload game... ;)
  8. You need a ReferenceAlias Property, your script extends "ReferenceAlias", not "Alias". Try this: ReferenceAlias Property Galadriel_TestA Auto then replace your non-compiling function with this: Galadriel_TestA.GetActorReference().MoveTo(XMarkerGaladriel_1) https://www.creationkit.com/index.php?title=Quest_Alias_Tab: 99% of the time, we use ReferenceAliases, not Aliases, it's a bit confusing the way it's set in the CK, I know...
  9. Thank you both for trying to help, guys! :) Seems I've found where my issue comes from: I use "Skin Tint" as Shader Type (type 5) in the BSLightingShaderProperty in my Nifskope settings - and it seems that the game reserves the "5" shader type to always fetch predefined Skin Textures, so that shader type will ALWAYS override whatever textures are specified in all of my "fake armor" meshes by the default skin texture. (source: Perraine's post in https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/660282-how-to-stop-skyrim-which-seems-to-override-custom-body-texture). I suppose I could change the ShaderType to default but that would mean loosing my character's skin tint, and probably create awful neck seams which sort of defeats my purpose of using other body meshes/textures as armors. You're right, Max, theoratically it is feasable, and probably the easiest way would be to create one specific Race for each set of my BodyMesh/TextureSet and change my PC's race everytime I want to switch bodytypes. Other solutions involve swappingTextureSets with Skse scripts - feasable too but sort of far fetched when my sole purpose was to be able to test my various body textures in game without having to quit game, tweak my Actors' data and load game again each time. Yep, I completely relate to the "modding burnout" which can hit you when you've spent endless hours and days on the same mod - happened to me this winter after spending months on new custom animations and scripts. That mod's still unreleased but I'll get there... eventually ;). Thanks again! Cheers :)
  10. Hey thanks Max for replying so fast!.. :) And yeah, not trying to change faces, it's just different bodies (and hands - as "gloves") that I'm trying to equip as armors (or clothes) to test them. Not trying to assign these to any NPC, just as alternate equipable bodies for the player. I guess I must be doing something wrong then - could it be the fact that I created these as "armors" in the CK? (can't see why tho' because when you equip any armor, you still equip a body with it) Or something as stupid as keeping my "0 NiNode" named "MaleBody_1"?.. Yeah, you're right, too late to persist tonight ;) Thanks again!
  11. Hi guys, Silly question from someone who's been modding for years and should know better, but... Do body meshes and textures absolutely need to be placed in the Actors\Character\CharacterAssets folders to display properly in game? I've been creating different texture sets and adding them to a few different meshes (same skeleton) which I've added as "armors" in the CK - just for testing purposes, to be able to quickly compare in game which look ok and which don't. But they never display in game - my character's body textures never change. As for the moment, I've placed all meshes and textures in custom folders, I'm wondering if that was the wrong choice. If I place one of these meshes in the characterAssets folder however, I can add the new mesh to my inventory and equip it like an armor no matter what it's named. But of course, if all diffuse need to be named "malebody_1.dds", that sort of defeats my (naive?) idea to be able to change body textures like your change armors... Any idea from someone who's more experienced than I am in this matter? Thanks a bunch in advance! :)
  12. I really don't mean to burst your bubble, but if you're new to modding Skyrim, I'd suggest you learn to work your way inside the CK and Papyrus first before you use an outside API, if only to make sure your external code doesn't conflict with the game system. If you're a coder, Papyrus is pretty easy to get used to, you may start with DarkFox127's tutorials (here on the Nexus) if you're interested. What you have in mind can actually be done with Papyrus and skse, it'd probably be a very long script, considering the many ingredients combinations the game offers, but it is feasable I'd think... Good luck to you!
  13. Seems likely that your problem is with you seq file. My experience is its need to be generated again each time you make a change to your dialogue - just for safety, I re-generate mine every time I edit my quest. How do you generate it? With Tes5Edit? And where did you place it in your data files?
  14. @ Dshaggyman116: you're welcome! :) @ dylbill: was a loooOOOoong time ago that I created this thread, can't remember everything I tried but if I remember correctly "Reset()" did not work for that mesh. It would only reset when the whole cell did - besides, resetting would only restore it to its initial "closed" mesh, it never played its animation in reverse. If havok anims work anything like other .hkx, it would need to be reversed in 3DS or Blender. I'm fine working with character animations, but know nothing about havok anims. If anyone can point in the right direction to load havok anims in 3DS, that would sure help! :)
  15. You will need "AND" if you want all 3 to be conditions to acquire your perk. I'm assuming that's what you're asking but be aware that as it is, what you're doing is only conditioning your new perk (meaning, that perk can only be acquired IF all these values equal one), you're not boosting any of these values from what I can see here.
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