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Fire Damage shader not appearing on modded Bound Weapons

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Hello all,


I am trying to modify the Soul Stealer perk so that it applies the Fiery Soul Trap effect (adding fire damage on strike) instead of just the generic soul trap.  I have edited the bound weapon enchantments in the Creation Kit to include the fire damage effect but when I strike a target in game they do not light on fire like they should.  Does anyone know why this might be happening?  I am afraid that it is a conflict between the shader applied on hit by the soul trap effect not allowing the fire damage to be visible.


As far as I can tell the fire damage effect is being applied correctly to bound weapons.  NPCs comment "Be careful with that fire!" whenever I approach them with a bound weapon drawn and I get the message "Flame Atronach resisted Bound Sword FX" whenever I strike one.  Still, none of them ever visibly light on fire and burn when hit like they do with the generic fire damage and Fiery Soul Trap enchantments. 


I know next to nothing about how the shaders and effects for enchantments are applied by the game or if bound weapons are somehow a special case.  If anyone with more experience with these kinds of things has any insight into why the fire damage effect is not lighting targets on fire I would be grateful for the feedback. 





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iirc NPCs can only have ONE (magic) effect shader on them at any given time. example: ghosts(blue NPC thingys) are actually normal NPCs that have a "ghost" effect shader on them. If you hit them with fire they look like normal NPCs while the fire effect is on them. Thats a limitation of the game engine.


So you can only apply one effect. Whitch one depends on the magnitude i think ( the biger magnitude getc applied). You coul merge 2 shaders into on and use that one but thats somewhat advanced stuff.


In your case i guess tha soultrap effect prevents the fire effect from showing up. Im not sure if there is an extra effect for "fiery souldtrap" or what... never looked at effect shaders. try shawping them around, remove the soultrap shader or search fro a fiery soultrap effect.


hope that helps

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