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Skyrim ingredient flowers (flowers you pick) mod that makes it stand out/glow/like glowing ore 300 -- can't find one :(

skyrim alchemy flower ingredient glowing vivid ore 300 mod help

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Hello friends, I'm looking for a mod that does exactly what Glowing Ore Veins 300 ( http://www.nexusmods...yrim/mods/193/? ) does but for flowers, herbs, mushrooms, whatever ingredients that you find across skyrim.

I want to run down a path and see OHH there's a x herb/mushroom/fly/bee I can pick, catch, whatever.

I tried searching the database, could not find anything.

There is a mod that cought my attention, called "Glowing Items" ( http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/24707/? ), but I don't know if it will overwrite/interfear with my Glowing Ore Veins 300.

Please help me find a mod, so I can be the #1 flower picker in all of Skyrim! Thank you!

edit: What do you guys think of Harvest Overhaul? ( http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/16553/? ) -- will it make things more visible ontop of all the other functions it provides?

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updated thread




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-Utilizes level 3 necromancy spell on thread-
I know how you feel. I've been looking for the same thing, for both Legendary & Special Editions of Skyrim. So far this is what I've found.
  • Skyrim Floral Overhaul seems to completely desaturate gatherable/pickable textures and should be avoided for this purpose at all costs....Unless you overwrite said textures. The kicker, of course, is that then it adds very colorful non-pickable plants to the landscape, beautiful, but unhelpful.
  • Glowing Items doesn't seem to make activators (the plant you are picking) glow, just its ingredients. So only semi-useful for our purposes.
  • Pick-able Plants Enhancement could be a good alternative, but I have yet to try it in the game.
  • Floral Saturation seems to do the trick. BUT! It has the same textures for pickable and picked plants, so not fully helpful unless you manually select to only have the pickable textures.
  • Modest Plant Textures is really lovely, and one of the only mods I've found that touches a lot of the harvestables. I highly recommend it.
Now. Since there doesn't seem to be an all in one mod, I've taken to searching for individual mods that might make this better. 
So far this is what I've got.
Mountain Flowers (Blue, Red, Purple, Orange, Yellow)
Hanging Moss
Swamp Fungal Pod
Giant Lichenichen
Jazbay Grapes
Bugs (Or should I say annoyances, what we really need is a net mod that lets you wave something around and catch the little bastards)
Insects (Bees, Dartwings, Butterflies & Moths, etc)
Bees & Hives
Fish (I have the same opinion of them as the bugs, just slightly less so)
Pondfish and Salmon Replacer
Pond Fish Retexture (River Betty, Abecean Longfin, Hiscarp)
Still looking for suitable replacements (or have yet to encounter them to filter them out)
  • Bird nests
  • Tundra Cotton
  • Grass Pod
  • Canis Root
  • Jarrin Root
  • Crimson Nirnroot (does it make a sound too?)
  • Gleamblossom
  • Briar Heart
  • Juniper Berries
  • Imp Stool
  • Namira's Rot
  • Scaly Pholiota
  • White Cap
  • Fly Amanita
  • Bleeding Crown
  • Blisterwort
  • Mora tapinella
  • Elven Ear
  • Frost Mirriam
  • Garlic
  • Cabbage
  • Leek
  • Potatoe
  • Wheat
  • Moths (Luna & Ancestor)
  • Dartwings
  • Butterflies (Monarc & Blue)
  • Torchbugs
  • Abecean Longfin
  • Hiscarp
  • River Betty
  • Cyrodilic Spadetail
  • Silverside Perch
  • Slaughterfish Egg Nest
  • Nordic Barnacle
  • Oysters
Slightly too obvious to make the list (if anyone finds a replacement and wants to link for these feel free, and I'll update my list, giving credit of course)
  • Thistle
  • Lavender
  • Nirnroot (even if you can't see it, it makes a sound!)
  • Deathbell
  • Creep Clusters
  • Chicken nets (they are in the coops)
  • Chaurus Eggs Sack (they glow already!)
  • Dragon's Tongue
  • Spider Egg Sacks (container, not activator)
  • Glowing Mushroom
That is all I have so far. If anyone could point me to (or compile) a list of the different pickable/collectible/gatherable activators I would most appreciate it so that maybe I can find the rest of the not easy to see things in the game, and even link them here.

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