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Switching from right-handed mouse to left for experiment

pc gaming mouse

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I was watching a video when a photo was shown, a man at the computer, right hand on his mouse; left on the keyboard. POP went one or two neurons still firing without interference by the dead ones surrounding them, and it occurred to me, as a lefty, that I had always used the mouse with my right hand for no real reason other than that's how we set it up. 


So I intend to try out some gaming with the equipment reversed, and try to stick with it even if it is highly-unmanagable for a few days, off and on. I just installed Bioshock: Infinite yesterday, but I think I'll play some Fallout: 3 instead since I have it up and running with a potent character loaded for bear, or albino radscorpion. 


Has anyone else tried this? What about using the mouse with your non-dominant hand and why?



/retiree, so I have the time to think about idiocy like this; sorry



EDIT: To be clear, I meant that I'd been a right-handed mouse user since the first PC we setup; not just this rig. hehehe



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I play counter strike GO with my left hand on the mouse and use numpad for movement with right hand.
Ever since I switched hands, my frag count went higher.

But for games like Skyrim or Fallout I use mouse with right hand WASD, simply because of horrible support for mouse key swapping, not to mention mods I use that take over Numpad for hotkeys.


I'm mostly ambidextrous in real life. 

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